ENJOMOR V8 Production Status Update | Stirlingkit

ENJOMOR V8 Production Status Update | Stirlingkit

ENJOMOR V8 Production Status Update | Stirlingkit

The good news is that the Enjomor factory has already produced all the v8 engine parts needed already. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions have temporarily impacted the Enjomor V8 engine model assembly facility located in Hebei, China. The Enjomor facility is currently operating at significantly reduced capacity. As we have done throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are prioritizing the health and safety of the workers in our supply chain.

We continue to see stronger demand for Enjomor V8 engine model and other accessories. However, we now expect lower Enjomor V8 engine model shipments than we previously anticipated and customers will experience longer wait times to receive their new products. We are working closely with our supplier to return to normal production levels while ensuring the health and safety of every worker.

Recently, ENJOMOR has been making efforts on the paperwork of the instruction manual, it can be finished next week.

We will definitely expedite the delivery after ENJOMOR tests every guangsu v8 engine before they ship them. And Stirlingkit would like to provide a 30% discount for the upcoming optimal parts like the customized base and the gearbox. Sorry again for any inconvenicen caused by this.

If you would prefer V8 engine model kit, we have Toyan v8 engine.





3rd January 2023

The ENJOMOR V8 engine is in the final assembly and test phase, every engine will be tested in pursuit of better quality control, and the estimated shipping time of V8 lovers who placed the orders in September is next Tuesday, we will ship the parcels depending on order time.
The ENJOMOR workers are getting better on the recovery of Omicron, so they resume the work and production and have been speeding up the production.


5th January 2023

 ENJOMOR is testing every engine for QC. Each one will be tested like the vidoe below, powered up and tested, run for a while, then drained and cleaned.


30th January 2023

When ENJOMOR tested the recent engines of ENJOMOR guangsu v8 engine model, they found that the starter motor did not run well. So they decided to purchase another batch of starter motors in pursuit of better quality control and better engine. The estimated shipping time has been postphoned to the middle of February. ENJOMOR has resumed work and production already, however, the suppplier facory has not, so there are a few more days for waiting. I am so sorry to tell you this news about it and we do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience about all the delay. 
We will ship it via UPS or DHL express with insurance and tell you if we ship your engine parcel to make sure you are able to track the package.



9th February 2023

Today, we restock 15 ENJOMOR V8 engine models. 

ENJOMOR is coming back to track already. The ENJOMOR V8 is in normal production and test phase now, they plan to ship all the engine models from the factory to our warehouse in the middle of February. 

We will ship them depending on the order time. Now, we are shipping the September pre orders. You do not need to wait for a longer time anymore, just a few more days. We will contact you after your parcel is shipped and send the tracking number again. (The tracking number is sent to your email address automatically normally. ) 

Please keep an eye on the parcel in the following 5 to 7 days and reply to us if you receive the package successfully. 


23rd February 2023

We restock the engine again, all the October preorders were shipped. The estimated shiping time of  November & December preorders is April. ENJOMOR has purchased the next batch of raw materials already and have started the production. Sooner is middle of April, later is the end of April.

 It needs two months for production, assembly and test since ENJOMOR guangsu v8 has too many parts. 


7th March 2023

The second batch of the ENJOMOR V8 78CC GS-V8 guangsu v8 Working Scale Model Engine Gas DOHC 4 Stroke Water-cooled Pre-Orders is in production now, all the parts arrived and the workers are assembling & test the engine models in April, the structure is pretty complicated, so the estimated shipping time of it could be the end of April to ensure the quality.




18th April 2023

After receiving feedback from the first batch production and testing of the ENJOMOR V8 engine, ENJOMOR has accelerated its production process. As a result, we have restocked 30 ENJOMOR V8 engine models sooner than originally anticipated. Pre-orders placed in 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 will be shipped depending on the date of the order.
In this batch, the oil filter has been changed to an integrated one, but there are no other major adjustments. For future pre-orders, the production and testing times will be significantly reduced as ENJOMOR now has a full stock of raw materials. Each engine will be assembled and tested before shipment.

Update later when we restock or have any other news. 




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  • Mike Beck : November 20, 2023

    Jeez! John Cambridge thinks he’s really special, doesn’t he. I bet he’s a real treat to live with!

  • Eddy Sain: July 26, 2023

    I have ordered one of your engines and look forward to receiving it.
    It looks like you have done a great job but as with any engine it can always be improved. Could you please advise if there are any more detailed specifications, or if they can be made available, on the engine as I would like to start to do some detailed theoretical calculations for making my own tuned length headers, possibly cam grind changes or variable cam set up as well as a supercharger design. I think that turbo charging may not be viable for various reasons at this time. What I am looking for is the valve timing, valve sizes the rest will need to wait until I get the engine and make my own measurements and tests to asses the air flow, timing optimisation etc. Keep up the good work and thanks. Regards Eddy

  • lahuerta: April 07, 2023

    Good morning
    Do you currently have this model in stock?
    Lahuerta Gabriel

  • John Cambridge: December 25, 2022

    Please ENSURE all castings are properly deburred before assembly and take the necessary time to fut and assembly components. I’m VERY DETAILED ORIENTED AND DO NOT WANT SCRATCHES ON OUTSIDE PROTECT AS NEEDED. IM IN NO HURRY SO YOu may pass me by if needed initially but would expect completion no more than a couple of weeks from that point in total. Please put your more experienced people on my build if at all possible. You have my gratitude and appreciation for your efforts. Regards jjc

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