How do you Build & Debuge a Stirling Engine Step by Step? Stirlingkit

How To Install and Debuge Stirling Engine?

there are three key factors for Stirling engine model debugging, one is resistance, the other is air tightness, and the other is heating temperature.

to avoid resistance, please follow 4 steps below step by step.

Firstly, when installing the flywheel and the small pulley, they should not be pressed too tightly with the bearing, and there should be a gap of 0.2-0.5mm.


Secondly, at the connection between the connecting rod and the crank, the small plastic sleeve and the connecting rod should not be pressed too tightly, and there should be a gap.

Thirdly, because of the high friction between the piston rod and the hole of the heating piston, we can draw on the piston rod with a pencil, and the powder of the pencil serves as a lubricating effect.

4. The friction between the heating piston and the heating cylinder (please note that there is no contact between the heating piston and the heating cylinder in γ-type Stirling). So we can rotate the heating cylinder while pushing and pulling the heating piston to find the best condition.

Air tightness verification: separate the two piston connecting rods from the flywheel crank, push and pull the heating piston, and the air pressure inside the cylinder changes, and the power piston will react in and out. We use this to verify the air tightness.


 5. Install the cylinder connector: When connecting the cylinder connector and the bracket, check whether the air hole between them is unblocked. Please do not miss the sealing rings on both sides of the mounting bracket.

 6.Hot cylinder installation: Put the sealing ring on the cylinder, close to the opening end, align the cylinder connector, and quickly push it in to make the sealing ring enter the slot, then rotate the cylinder to push it to the bottom end


 7. Piston installation : heating the piston rod, power piston and power cylinder can be cleaned with toilet paper to keep it clean, which can make the engine run better.

 8. Generator belt installation : The belt should be loosened a little, and the generator can be driven by turning the flywheel. The belt should not be too tight.


Heating temperature: We recommend heating with alcohol with a purity of more than 95%. The temperature is high and it is easier to start.

Lubrication: The piston and piston rod of the Stirling model cannot be filled with oil. If the oil viscosity is too high, it will cause resistance. We can use a pencil to draw on the piston rod. The powder of the pencil serves as a lubricating effect.

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