How Does a Stirling Engine Power a Music Box Movement?

How Does a Stirling Engine Power a Music Box Movement?

  Today I'm going to share with you my new stirling engine in . This is a sitrling motor which comes with a mechanical music box.

First Impression
At the first sight of it, you will be impressed by its fantastic configuration. When it's running on tea candle or spirit burner (here i recommend the alchohol) just for a few minutes, the melody "Memories" will come out of the musical cats in front of you. The music will have ashort tune and repeats. The engine is made from glass and polished brass.  The music box movements might become a candidate for steam engine drive by some sort of adaptation, best determined by the user.

How does it work?

The Stirling engine outputs power through a cycle of cooling, compression, heat absorption, and expansion of the air in the cylinder.Later music box will be driven by the stirling engine and play the tunes. It's easy to operate even you don't know anything about the engine. Place the Stirling engine model on a horizontal table, add 2/3 of 95% alcohol to the alcohol lamp .And then ignite and heat for 30', then turn the flywheel, and the engine can run.

Below is a simialr stirling engine.

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