Q&A: How to Mount C.D.I Conversion kit for Toyan FS- S100A ? - Stirlingkit
Q&A: How to Mount C.D.I Conversion kit for Toyan FS- S100A ?

Q&A: How to Mount C.D.I Conversion kit for Toyan FS- S100A ?

Q: I recently  bought a C.D.I conversion kit for my Toyan FS- S100A to convert it from methanol to gasoline but it came without any fitting instructions and after spending a great deal of time examining it I can't figure out how to fit the hall sensor bracket to the engine, its impossible. The bracket that was provided will not fit no matter how I try, so can you either send me the fitting instructions or a video link or photograph detailing how to mount the hall sensor bracket to the engine. I have tried everything I could but this item will not work! I can't get a spark, I have tried 2 different hall sensors that I know work, and different spark plugs that I know work as well but still can't get a spark, I have tried raising, lowering, moving the sensor closer & further away from the flywheel magnet but nothing seems to work, I have tried different batteries but still nothing happens apart from the tachometer reading zero.I can only assume that the module or the magnet in the flywheel may be faulty.

A: 1. The sensor is installed on the bracket, according to the magnet's pros and cons, turn the trigger over and try again, refer to the video.
 pls connect it in the way shown in the video first.
2. the cause of the problem might be a faulty connector on the black wire on the supplied plug for the battery feed, please replaced the plug (male end) & all is well.


Q2: I am converting a Toyan FS 100AC to Gasoline. The conversion kit did not include a flywheel with magnetic ignition contact. Do I have to purchase this separately, or is there another way to fix the ignition sensor with the standard flywheel.

pls buy this : https://bit.ly/3wSj8nS

The difference between gasoline and nitro engines :
1. The flywheel of the gasoline engine is equipped with a magnet, which senses with a Hall sensor, and uses a CDI igniter and spark plug. The flywheel of the methanol machine does not have a magnet, uses a glow plug, and does not require a CDI igniter and a Hall sensor
2. They have the different compression ratio of the two engines;
3. The air-fuel ratio of the carburetor is also different (to put it simply, the internal structure of the carburetor is different)
If you want to convert a gasoline engine to a methanol engine, you need to prepare a glow plug and a 20-25% nitromethane methanol mixed fuel. You indeed can start it up, but the power may be reduced.

If you want to convert a methanol engine into a gasoline engine, you need to remove the flywheel, install the flywheel with magnets, prepare a CDI Hall sensor igniter kit, spark plugs, and gasoline fuel. you can buy the items below and then add gasoline fuel and it will work.



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