How to Install Capo CUB1

How to Install Capo CUB1

Regarding the experience of a new car, especially the experience of KIT, which has a high threshold for novices, it is difficult for us to cover everything and achieve perfection. But we will use a quick and convenient way to regularly share the experience of loading and modification for everyone. improve together.
The following are some precautions and problems that may be encountered when assembling CUB1. Please check carefully when loading the car. Thanks!

1. How to open the box correctly?

Pinch the edge of the black box cover with one hand, or be assisted by someone else. Press the "matchbox" with the other palm to push it straight out.

2. Where is the manual?

The instruction manual is located on the first layer of the black sponge tray, next to the shock absorber. Silver metal USB flash drive.

3. How to find the parts corresponding to the manual.

This manual uses the three-color distinction method for the first time to assist players in the convenience of matching parts in assembly. You can also check the picture below.

You can quickly find the part by observing the color and name displayed at the lower right corner of the manual interface.

4. Suggestions for electronic equipment

The small-scale model is not as rich as the third-party electrical equipment of the old brand ratio of 1/10. In order to serve the CUB series of models, there are matching electrical equipment available, we have carried out design data matching with cooperative manufacturers and third-party brands in advance. Many manufacturers have provided CAPOCUB dedicated electrical equipment simultaneously.
Suggested accessories:
Servo×2: PowerHD CAPOCUB special. Model: 1810MG
Most 9g size steering gears are generally used. High-pressure steering gears are not recommended without the intervention of UBEC.
Motor: MADGEAR CAPOCUB custom set. Model: 22000
ESC: MADGEAR CAPOCUB custom set. Model: ESC02
Battery: COBRA CAPOCUB special. Model: CBCC01
General lithium battery parameters: white balanced female charging head, 2S 7.4V parameters.
The battery compartment can hold the battery volume: 63×32×17mm
Remote control: 2.4g gun controller with 4 channels and above.
The receiver size is smaller than: 46×22×17.5mm

5. Vehicle assembly skills

Q1: Is it recommended to apply lubricating oil to brass gears?
A1: The copper material has self-lubricating properties, and only a small amount of grease is applied. That is, a superficial layer to prevent oxidation of the material. Too much lubricant may cause the gear pliers to slip. Here are only gearboxes and axles, which need to be lubricated and maintained in the usual way.

Q2: How to oil the shock absorber?
A2: The 18 ratio is a very small ratio. Due to physical processing restrictions, it is difficult to use O-rings for shock absorbers, and it cannot have a negative pressure cavity with sufficient oil flow. CUB's shock absorber only needs lubricating grease or damping grease for lubrication, mainly spring work, supplemented by grease increasing damping.

Q3: Is the plastic ball head working hard?
A3: In order to reduce the looseness of the chassis, the new plastic ball head and stainless steel ball rotation space design is too small, which also causes the shared ball head to work tightly at the front axle, which affects the steering back to the center. It is recommended to repeatedly disassemble and assemble the stainless steel ball several times, run-in loose, or drip a little climbing suspension oil (silicone oil lubrication). Sanding is not recommended.

Q4: Is the gear L-shaped connector tight after assembly?
A4: Because through the tapping, there may be some small edges on the edge of the screw hole. If the assembly feels too tight, it is recommended to disassemble the part and shake it smoothly, or slightly polish the side wall with fine water sandpaper (marked in red). A smooth state after tightening is achieved.

Q5: During adjustment, the root problems of gear-shifting and holding the rudder, irregularities and blocking.

A. The initial value of the rudder amount of the servo is too large. Please turn on the power to adjust the rudder amount below 30% for adjustment.
B. The position of the servo is not centered, and the fine adjustment on the remote controller will be inaccurate in the later stage. Please turn on the power to return the steering gear to the neutral position before assembling.
C. (Important) The golden cylinder adjustment diagram of the gear lever. The screw fixation has no absolute position, so there are differences between different vehicles. The result of self-adjustment shall prevail.

6. Problems and matters of paint surface:

A. The car shell is sprayed with a matte gun-color paint surface to protect the paint surface as the primer. The details are not comparable to the exquisite static artwork. But it can also meet the needs of RC entry players. Metallic paint can be sprayed. Or higher paint process to change the color. Pay attention to the thickness of the paint, so as not to obscure too many details.
B. Although the primer is thin, it also has some thickness. When the "small nails" on the plastic parts are inserted into the installation, or the tail plate is inserted into the installation, because the thickness of the paint surface in the hole will be a little obstructive, it will affect the parts in place. Appropriate sanding of the patent leather is sufficient.

7. Axle disassembly and maintenance

The axle is pre-installed and is not factory-tuned. Please disassemble and oil it for maintenance. The screw is fixed, relying on the use of low-strength screw glue, anti-vibration and anti-tension. Tightening vigorously not only cannot ensure the tightness, but also easily damage the sliding teeth of the screw holes. Please pay more attention.

We provide a total of two loading methods, you can refer to them.
Plan One:

Plan Two:

Wire Clips Mounting:

Necessary Tools:

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