How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat? | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat? | Stirlingkit

How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat? | Stirlingkit

How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat?


 Nr200 engine is one of the most popular scale 4 stroke RC engine model. some people ask me if i can make a tutorial for those who owns a boat. it's also suitable for the 70-12cm long boat/ ship. so that's it.


Step 1: Remove the flywheel of the engine.



Step 2: Install the clutch kit.

Choose the appropriate transmission mode, gear drive or pulley drive.



Step 3: Check whether the clutch combination is tight and the operation is smooth.



Step 4: Make a simple U-shaped aluminum seat or bracket for placing the fixed engine.



Step 5: Self-made simple steering gear linkage lever throttle device. The remote control servo can control the engine throttle.



Step 6: Place the engine as a whole in the RC model (take a boat as an example), and connect the clutch output shaft to the oar or the gearbox on the car.



Step 7: Connect the circuit, oil circuit and water circuit of the engine. The exhaust port is extended to the outside of the model cabin.



Step 8: Connect the power supply, turn on the power, start the engine, test the power output, and drive on the road after the running-in is completed.





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Max Mclanahan - April 17, 2022

Good info on motor installation . But would like to add little info on the clutch and drive connection to the main drive shaft . I am currently building a 1/16 scale boat of the Elco 80 ft pt boat. Installation of three Toyan FS L-200 engines is no problem plenty of room . The critical part is the drive connection between the engine and the drive shaft . Being that the stuffing box witch holds the drive shaft is fixed component in the hull witch keeps the drive shaft running true and straight plus having bearings in the stuffing in more so on the running true and straight. I choose to run the engine direct to the shaft no transmission or gearing just using the clutch cap and what they call the paddel lever with a link to the drive shaft . They make a clutch cap with this kind of connection but only use one bearing which does not run as true as the clutch cap on the gear driven cars which has two bearings in the clutch cap . There is enough difference between the two style clutch caps that the single bearing one broke loose the stuffing box from my hull at a high RPM . So I would recommend to check the single bearing clutch cap operation in a mock up test stand with the complete running gear of your boat before installing the stuffing box in your boat . I have made a dual bearing clutch cap with the paddel lever off the single bearing clutch and it runs true with no vibrations or damage to the bearings in the stuffing box . Just a little food for thought.

Thanh Mai - January 12, 2022

Do you sell completely boat ready to run with that engine on the boat in your factory thanks

Bernt - January 8, 2022

You can reverse the exhaust manifold to point to the rear of your boat, to avoid the U turn on the exhaust pipe. BT

Christophe DEMOLLIENS - January 8, 2022

Je ne pourrais pas le faire .. l’embrayage que j’ai reçu ne tourne pas rond
Le filetage de l’adaptateur n’est pas aligné ……

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