How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat? | Stirlingkit

How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat? | Stirlingkit

How to Install NR200 Engine into the Boat?


 Nr200 engine is one of the most popular scale 4 stroke RC engine model. some people ask me if i can make a tutorial for those who owns a boat. it's also suitable for the 70-12cm long boat/ ship. so that's it.


Step 1: Remove the flywheel of the engine.



Step 2: Install the clutch kit.

Choose the appropriate transmission mode, gear drive or pulley drive.



Step 3: Check whether the clutch combination is tight and the operation is smooth.



Step 4: Make a simple U-shaped aluminum seat or bracket for placing the fixed engine.



Step 5: Self-made simple steering gear linkage lever throttle device. The remote control servo can control the engine throttle.



Step 6: Place the engine as a whole in the RC model (take a boat as an example), and connect the clutch output shaft to the oar or the gearbox on the car.



Step 7: Connect the circuit, oil circuit and water circuit of the engine. The exhaust port is extended to the outside of the model cabin.



Step 8: Connect the power supply, turn on the power, start the engine, test the power output, and drive on the road after the running-in is completed.





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Thanh Mai - January 12, 2022

Do you sell completely boat ready to run with that engine on the boat in your factory thanks

Bernt - January 8, 2022

You can reverse the exhaust manifold to point to the rear of your boat, to avoid the U turn on the exhaust pipe. BT

Christophe DEMOLLIENS - January 8, 2022

Je ne pourrais pas le faire .. l’embrayage que j’ai reçu ne tourne pas rond
Le filetage de l’adaptateur n’est pas aligné ……

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