Q&A About Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC Engine | Stirlingkit

Q&A About Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC Engine | Stirlingkit

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this is the most common question asked by our customers.

Q1: Is there oil lubrication to the overhead cams or still grease only?
A1: The camshaft is circulated by an oil pump and is lubricated by oil.

Q2: Conrod big ends are they bronze bushed?
A2: yes. With copper sleeve.

Q3: The crankshaft are there journals supporting it in the center or only at each end ?
A3: The crankshaft is fully supported.

Q4: Is the water pump a separate unit to the engine?
A4: yes. The pump is independent.

Q5: Does each piston have three independent rings?
A5: yes. Each piston is three independent rings.

Q7 How many bearings does the crankshaft have ?

Q8 What pressure does the oil system work at ?

Q9 What is the cost of the Starter Package?

Q10: The new engine looks very cool. One thing I seen is it has a top end of 8000 rpm’s most Baja clutches don’t engage until that rpm, if some lighter springs could be offered with a clutch package that would be great.
A10: This engine can be installed on a 1/5 baja model. Our team will update the clutch later so that you can modify this engine into your car.

Q11: I have a question about the Enjomor 36cc engine regarding the engine oil, the technical specification states use 20w40 oil or 30w50, 20w40 is listed as a motorcycle oil and 30w50 does not exist in Europe or the UK, both these grades seem to be very heavy (thick) for such a small engine bearing in mind that the Baxter engine uses a grade of 0w30 which is quite light.

Do Enjomor mean 0w20 to 0w40 or 0w30 to 0w50 or do they mean 20w40 or 30w50? could you please advise me regarding this matter or could you please contact the Enjomor manufacturer on my behalf to find out, I would be very grateful if you could help me with this matter, if you can I will promise to buy more goods from your store!

Q12:i have a problm with the oil type viscosity for the enjomor motor.
In france it is difficult to find 30w50 ; can u propose me a similar oil for replace this one ? a reference ?
A12: you can use 20W-40. Remove the cylinder head, you can see if the spark is transmitted to the spark plug.

Q13: What is the maximum nitro I can use without damaging the engine?
A13: Use 20-25% nitromethane fuel

Q14: Can you give me a graph of the torque curve for this motor?
A14: sorry. our team hasn't done this kind of test before. You can do it yourself if you want. Welcome to discuss it with us.

Q15: What are the parts most likely to need replacing when used for racing?
A15: As long as the engine is properly maintained, this engine will serve for a long time, generally speaking. If it is used in racing cars, it needs to consider the installation of the base. The main wear parts, I think, are gaskets and piston cylinders.

Q16:  Where should I mount a thermocouple to get the best temp reading.
A16: You can purchase a thermocouple, insert the sensor into the coolant, and monitor the temperature in real-time. If you need to read the working temperature of the engine, you can directly use an infrared temperature measuring instrument.

Q17: As far as the small battery pack, the starter battery, and the starter battery charger, I would need to know the voltage on each of those, and the milliamps required for the starter battery, so that I can purchase the correct ones. Do you have a wiring diagram of the electrical? There are really no details, or any necessary instructions, on that sheet, or any of the rest of the sheets. Any additional information would be helpful.
A17: We are using a 12v-24v starting power supply, 3S lithium batteries can be used to start the battery. There are 6-8 small 1.5V batteries connected in series on the distributor.

Q18: How to adjust the timing?

A18: Please read this blog.


Q19:When I get the engine oil should I fill it up from the cap at the top where the camshaft cover is or should I remove the oil pan and fill it up from there.

Q20:What is the maximum Horsepower output for this engine. (On your Website it says 1.6hp but would have thought it would be more than that)

A20: We haven't tested it yet.

Q21: I ordered Enzomo 36 cc I4 engine, but I encountered some problems.
The oil pump is blocked, the engine cannot run, and the engine is broken.
There were a lot of oil leaks, and even the engine did not run at once.
Is there any solution to this problem?

A21: Return the machine, we will replace it with a new one, and it will be shipped tomorrow.

Q22: both the 4 cylinder DOHC engine and the 2 cylinder 60cc engine.
What are the power specs for the inline 4 DOHC engine? and will it fit in the Losi 5-t 2.0?
As for the 2 cylinder, it says 15hp. Is that correct? and also will it fit directly into the same Losi 5T 2.0 truck. If so, are there any other parts I need to install?

A22: The DOHC engine has a power of 1.2KW, which is not suitable for Losi 5-t 2.0. This engine is relatively large, and it is water-cooled to dissipate heat. It also needs to install water-cooled equipment, so there is not enough space in the vehicle.
The 2-cylinder 60cc engine has a maximum horsepower of 15HP, which is suitable for Losi 5T 2.0 trucks. The picture below is a loading case and no other parts are needed.


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