Some Engine ideas from Stirlingkit Customers | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
Some Engine ideas from Stirlingkit Customers | Stirlingkit

Some Engine ideas from Stirlingkit Customers | Stirlingkit

Dear Stirlingkit Customer,

I have heard some good engine ideas from our customers that they want us to make some new engines. in this blog will collect and show all the ideas. and our team will try our best to make it one by one. if you have something good in your mind, welcome to share it with me.

#1 I wonder if you could make a model Diesel engine like this? There was never a diesel hit-and-miss engine? Some of the older diesels like mine look like a hit-and-miss, but they actually run on diesel and are throttle governed. Diesel also has much more compression (bigger flywheel) as well as a glow plug for starting. It would be a challenge for sure, and more expensive. (Idea from James H)

#2 I see your 2 cylinder holt type engine. I think you would do well if you made an engine like this. It has many features people like.This is one of very few that exist. It was originally made in San Francisco California near 1900. If you study collectible engines you will notice that things like a side camshaft and vertical governor are desirable.Some models have been made but not too many of the side shaft engines. No models have been made of a Doak as I’m aware.Later version Doak engines lack the desirable features. (John L)

#3 I just bought the pumping unit kit. I'm looking for a wind driven windmill, pumping model like the spinner  windmill with no pump I just finished. I like Windmills and a working wind (air) driven pumping windmill model (12- 18 inches high, or any size) of an Aermotor 702A (made in USA), an Iron Man (I had a 4ft. fan one made in china), Southern Cross (Austriala) would be a nice addition to your line of models. Please give some thought to my request for me and my Facebook windmill friends. Thank you - Paul owner of several Stirling engines and the new to me pumping outfit.

It is wind/breeze driven no electricity. Here is a link to an Aermotor parts list that shows in detail all the parts for a pumping windmill. It probably has fewer parts than a v8 engine you make.
An operating model of one with pump gearing with a 1  foot +/-fan would be nice. Even a miniature operating design like the small hit & miss engines you make would be nice. Up to the challenge?
There are folks that make wind spinners that look like windmills, but do not have the gear head for operating a pump-that’s the challenge. Sure would like one.

Here is a video of a windmill pumper and its operation. A six minute video.

And another video. Enough for now.



#4 Another cool engine would be a mini version of the 5hp Tecumseh Minibike engine. (Glenn)

1.  1 or 2 rotor Wankel Rotary engine
2.  3 or 4 cylinder motorcycle engine
3.  Steamship engine w/ paddle wheel

#5 Here is another model engine to consider. The Aermotor fluted hopper design. A few photos attached. This was the Aermotor engine Co. response to the iron hopper on most engines. They called it the fluted hopper which gave the engine a lot more water cooling surface that kept the engine cooler. Had to be a challange to make (Paul)


#6 Have you thinking of making such a stirling engine type of v twin engine?


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Paul Spence - October 25, 2021

Thanks for posting my request in your BLOG. I hope there s a lot of interest. Me for sure – Paul

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