The 9 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Toyan FS-L400

The 9 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Toyan FS-L400

Important Notice: (Please read it before you start to build this engine)

Where to Buy Toyan FS-L400 all Accessories:

1. Piston Rings: Our team has assembled the piston rings in the block in advance because it's very difficult to do it for the average people. pls follow the instruction to build it and you will find out the piston is already inside the cylinder liner. they are not missing.

2. Glow Plugs: The glow plugs isn't powered all the time when the engine is running, and they're only powered during engine startup and disconnected battery after the engine has started.

The series of FS-L400 requires 4 special glow plug for a four-stroke methanol engine, which is started by using 1.5 volt power supply. When the battery is disconnected, the heat retained in the chamber is still enough to heat the filament to keep the engine running. When top center compression position is reached, an "automatic" ignition burst is achieved, while the spark plug remains at high temperature, allowing for higher rotational speeds while the load is reduced. In contrast, if the RPM is low, the spark plug will cool, and if the RPM is too low, the ignition will stop, and then the engine will stop. Therefore, you can control the engine speed by adjusting the damper to achieve the best effect you want.

3. Connector: There are 4 carburetors but only one fuel line from the fuel tank so 3 connectors are recommended to make the fuel rail right for the L400. You can choose either T shape or Y shape connector if possible.  (see the photo below)

Y type:

T type:

Upgrade: 4in1 T Fitting (recommend) :

4. Battery: TOYAN FS-L400 uses 2s T Plug lithium battery, the same one as that of FS-L200 engine. (2S-3S lithium batteries 7.4-11.1V)

5. Fuel: Please use quality guaranteed methanol model engine fuel. Self - dispensing or counterfeit fuel will greatly reduce the performance and life span of the engine. Since it is a four-stroke engine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the engine, we require the only 20-25% nitro methane fuel can be used. If high nitro fuel is used, the ignition time and cylinder pressure of the engine will be greatly affected, and the normal and stable operation cannot be maintained.

When the nitro content of the fuel increases or the brand of fuel change , it is recommended to use oil-rich needle adjustments to run the engine so that the optimal setting for the new fuel can be rechecked, (please adjust the ratio of gasoline fuel to 1:25 to 1:30, and use 2T engine oil).

6. Lubrication: TOYAN FS-L400 has no lubrication system. No need to add oil, just add red grease on the camshaft. The crankshaft and piston connecting rod are lubricated by themselves during operation. The grease will penetrate, and then drain the waste oil from the oil outlet. The crankshaft does not need to be refueled in normal operation, and is lubricated by fuel. When installing parts, moving parts can be mechanically lubricated with two drops of engine oil.


7. Cooling Problem: Try to use non-corrosive liquids, such as water, distilled water, car coolant, computer water coolant and so on. Distilled water is recommended. If not, you can directly use ordinary water, about 180ml.

coolant water tank:

8. TOYAN FS-L400 is now equipped with an upgraded starter motor. As you can see, one end is positive and the other  is negative. It can bed connected by either weldding, or using a plug to connect the 2s T Plug lithium battery with 2 wires from the positive & negative poles of the starting motor. so there is no need to connect the ESC. ( the 4-in-1 Ignition kit doesn't have a push button, so you have to disconnect the battery manually after the engine is started.)

9. Starter Kit: The engine comes with an electric motor starter kit, providing users with all new fun. Therefore it is started by electricity and does not need to be pulled by hand. To start this engine you need to buy the extra starting accessories, for example refer to glow head, ignition module, etc. (it has 2 versions. you can also buy it from this link below)

How to Avoid Toyan FS-L400 Crankshaft Failure?

version 1

version 2: this one has 4in1 ignition module.

(note: the radiator and the base is not included. you can buy the universal one.)

radiator only:

radiator with bracket:

Aluminium Alloy Base

Wie kann man einen Ausfall der Toyan FS-L400-Kurbelwelle vermeiden?


you can also watch videos from some youtubers:

Any other questions please send me an email (

Buyers Photos Show

uppper photos are from one of our Don who has proceeded to fit it into a 1/5 scale chassis.

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Stefano - August 8, 2021

Ho costruito il motore toyan L400 scrupolosamente ma non si avvia non so se sia un problema di carburazione o di un montaggio elettrico errato sarei grato potessi darmi consigli utili per risolvere il problema. Ringrazio anticipatamente. Ciao

Dennis - June 15, 2021

I just purchased this engine but have not received yet. I just found out that you need a smart phone to read a symbol to get the assembly manual. I do not have such a phone. How can I get a copy of these assembly instructions? Can someone e-mail them to me or can I purchase them somewhere? Can anyone help me?

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