Toyan 4 Stroke 2 Cylinder Engine 1/8 RC Car Kit Power Master | Stirlingkit

Toyan 4 Stroke 2 Cylinder Engine 1/8 RC Car Kit Power Master | Stirlingkit


The Toyan X-Power is a four-stroke two-cylinder engine with water pump. This kit has 100+ accessories. It's funny to assemble it for those who want to know who the engine works, especially for engineers. It can reach 16,000 revolutions per minute. (3.5CC & 1.05ps)

Running Up to 16,000 RPM, X-Power can boost your RC models performance, applicable to 1:10, 1:12, and 1:14 scale models.

the first model "sand cruiser" was deisgned as desert off-road prototype with all metal holder, powered by Toyan FS-L200A and a differiential front and straight real axle to balance both speed and off-road performance.

this engine has a new carburetor with pumps that provide more stable and smooth throttle control.

Five mechanical speed are much more fun.

3 forward gears, one neutral gear, one reverse gear and intergrated brake modules to give players a new experience of oil-powered RC model for the first time.

Toyan launched a new mechanical gearbox. The ultimate form of RC lies in simulation. A five-speed gearbox suitable for model internal combustion engines was finally born under the continuous testing and improvement of engineers and technicians. Three forward gears, one neutral gear, one reverse gear and integrated brake function, give friends who want to build their own oil-powered RC car a brand new experience.

The integrated brake system is more realistic when loading the vehicle

all metal car frame

except for all metal axle, gears and fasteners, the frame parts are all CNC finished. Different styles, but still unique.

differential lock

the front axle adopts lockable differential mechanical lock to provide necessory guarantee for high speed driving.

The Sand Cruiser comes with original fluorescent orange mode in the shell to reduce the burden of the spray painting on players. For the super player who pursues individuality and also choose the colorless shell kit for DIY painting.



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Brandon - September 17, 2021

How can i get this kit with everything but the motor since i already own that? Is this currently available because this is exactly the kit i want and have been needing. Please let me know when you have the time. Im very interested in this.

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