V4 Water Cooled Four-cylinder Motor Toyan Engine Coming Soon /stirlingkit

V4 Water Cooled Four-cylinder Motor Toyan Engine Coming Soon /stirlingkit

Toyan & Stirlingkit team has received many feedbacks and great ideas from enthusiasts and customers to update the first V4 engine which was released in December 2016. After working on it day and night, fortunately, Toyan will officially releases the new V4 in mid-April 2021. The new V4 has been upgraded to water-cooled heat dissipation, and the compression ratio has been redesigned and adjusted. Any question please contact service@stirlingkit.com or monacai1818@stirlingkit.com

1. One-piece annular water-cooled cylinder design

 2. New carburetor design

3. Mid-mounted electric starter motor

4. High-strength integrated crankshaft

5. Lightweight machine design

6. The maximum speed is 12,500 rpm

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Guus Eisenkolb - June 18, 2021

What is the price and delivery time for this motor?

Guus Eisenkolb - June 16, 2021

Can you please keep me informed when this motor is available?

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