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What is the BEST Inline 4 Nitro RC Engine?

What is the BEST Inline 4 Nitro RC Engine?

What's the greatest inline 4 engine? Most of us might recommend BMW S14B25, COSWORTH/FORD BDA, AMG M139, Honda F20C, Toyota 3S-GE or Honda B18C7 and so on. How about RC engine? which one is the best? Today I'm going to introduce an outdtanding brand new rc engine, called Toyan FS-L400.

Backgroud of Toyan Team

In 2013, Compared with electric motors with brushless & high-rate lithium batteries, micro internal combustion engines gradually become less and less popular because of itself problems, like difficulty in debugging, difficult to start, large noise, oil pollution, etc . This has become huge obstacles in the development of internal combustion engines.

But, fortunately there are still some RC groups who still love them and attracted by the passionate sound and the violent mechanical feeling.

With the encouragement of the model friends, the Toyan team is determined to overcome the defects of the internal combustion engine and give full play to its characteristics.

It has been a long way of difficult trial until 2017, when Toyan finally released FS-V400, a V-type four-cylinder simulation model internal combustion engine. Toyan engines have gradually grown amidst years of criticism and encouragement from friends and enthusiasts at home and abroad . Until 2020, Toyan engines gradually become one of the backbones of the new simulated micro internal combustion engine market. Simulation, quietness, cleanliness, and stability have become their goals for the next three years.

The soul of the RC modeling lies in the miniature simulation. After several years of precipitation & hard work, Toyan has developed its own in-line four-cylinder engine, called FS-L400. The volumetric water-cooled cylinder design provides an efficient heat dissipation basis for an operating speed of up to 13,500 rpm. In order to give rc fans a new experience and better understand the working principle of the real engine, Toyan team has continued to accumulate technology and fortunatly releases FS-L400, which will be in KIT version. So people can feel the charm of the miniature internal combustion engine during the assembly process.

Testing Videos from Youtubers



Product Details

1. Precise structure coordination, complete simulation design

2. Four-stroke overhead valve

3. High-precision timing belt pulleys provide stable guarantee for high speed

TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane - stirlingkit


4. Four independent carburetors

5. Integrated crankshaft


6. Brand new water-cooled cylinder

7. Built-in micro water cooling pump

8. Fully enclosed bottom shell provides necessary conditions for subsequent DIY independent lubrication

9. KIT version


Wwhere to Buy: https://bit.ly/3oWaRua

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Roger - March 8, 2021


Do I see a oil pan dip stick in photo 8?

Is there a dry sump oiling system for this engine ?

Is there a twin overhead cam version of this engine; that is without the rocker assemblies ?

Regards Roger

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