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A Man Who Loves RC Will NEVER Stop Fighting | Stirlingkit

A Man Who Loves RC Will NEVER Stop Fighting | Stirlingkit

George Trotter

Age68 Retired Mechanic / Band Leader

George Trotter, an RC machinery enthusiast. He is disabled after a serious car crash, but he still stays true to his hobby. He has had a difficult journey in life, but he keeps his face to the sunshine. He cheered himself up and began to still designand build two vehicles with his own hands. What a Strong Man!


Rc saved my life

Once an engineer and a singer, I was involved in a serious car accident when I was 41.

RC saved my life after a really bad car accident, I was hit by a drunk driver. I received back, neck, hip and shoulder injuries but even worse, I had a closed head injury and I lost parts of my memory. because of my injuries, they retired me permanently in 1998 after trying to re-enter the working man's world, and it made me lose my band


I can't remember names.

I can't remember numbers.

I can't remember the words to my lyrics.


I was racing with 6 other friends on a dirt track we built in my backyard. I am the only survivor of that seven man team, the rest have passed away and I keep my sanity by keeping my mind busy trying to build. But no longer have a garage or basement to make my messes since my wife of 30 years divorced me because of my disabilities.”


The brain is like a muscle. If you don't use it, you lose it.

However, I'm a do-it-and-learn-from-mistakes kind of guy even if the income isn't great. I have been digging out my parts and started building again a couple of years ago. I do my hobbies to keep my brain working.


George Trotter's first meet with Stirlingkit

When I began to regain my confidence and wanted to continue building, I found what I was looking for on Stirlingkit, and that was the first encounter between Stirlingkit and George...


I was working on a Rat Rod at the time, open engine build and I needed a transmission and a few parts so I bought from Sterlingkit.com, It's my first Toyan Engine. https://youtu.be/daRWFByzcJI

I loved the look of this engine and this will be a show model. I work everything by handusing old school knowledge as I did racing when I was a kid. I fix them up with lighting, brake lights and running lights and I don't do it with kits.


I love to build. It's more my kind of puzzle I enjoy.

The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. No matter how tired or frustrated you are right now, please remember, when all else is lost the future still remains. Don't give up, stick to your love of your “RC” and live hard. Stick to your hobby and there is hope in life.

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George Trotter - June 7, 2022

Today, I’m given the opportunity to purchase my second Toyan Engine.
My first engine, a FS-100 is a great engine, I love the way it looks and it runs really well, I enjoy it a lot. I bought this from another dealer before I knew about Stirlingkit and they still showed me friendly support with side type creations such as a turbocharger and side pumps.
I’ve always had my sights on a duel cylinder engine and decided to save up for one.
Today I will buy the NR-200 duel cylinder water cooled engine. I hear it’s a much better engine than the FS-200 and the cost is about the same.
I’m not certain if I’m going to do another build with it or mount it for display yet?

Either way, I’m going to enjoy my engines and I thank Stirlingkit for this fabulous opportunity to live out a dream I’ve had since I was a kid.
George Trotter
Lakewood, Colorado

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