As long as My Imagination Engine Works, I'm A Happy Man - JohnnyQ90 - Stirlingkit
As long as My Imagination Engine Works, I'm A Happy Man - JohnnyQ90

As long as My Imagination Engine Works, I'm A Happy Man - JohnnyQ90

As long as My Imagination Engine Works, I'm A Happy Man - JohnnyQ90


Who is JohnnyQ90?

JohnnyQ90 is one of the top Entertainment influencer in Europe with 1600000 audience and 102.53% engagement rate on Youtube. He loves micro internal combustion engines. In his videos shows his professional machining skills. He can make anything he want in his tiny workshop.

Who inspires JohnnyQ90?

''My first contact with model engines and model vehicles was at the age of 8, where my father showed me the model planes that used to fly when he was young.
Most of them were control line planes with the cox .49 engines. He used to fly them at areas that are no longer available for this hobby.

One of them was actually radio controlled.
I was thrilled seeing it! The shape of the aeroplane (it was something like a cessna) with that strange little engine in front, was very attractive to me, as I could never  have imagined that real engines can be that small and actually work!

I was more intrigued by the little engine than the plane itself which was nothing special, just a Thundertiger .25 two stroke model. My father also had some similar O.S engine in its boxes that were from previous builds I guess. I was finding myself fiddling with them all the time when I was still in school.

At some point I got in my hands an old thick Graupner catalog that had everything in it! Of course the pages that included engines where my favorite. This is when I first saw some 4 strokes engines along with a Wankel one.

Later that year I got a similar catalogue from Kyosho, that made me fall in love with on road rc cars.

What's the First Video of JohnnyQ90?

Although I studied electronic engineeiring my passion was always making stuff with a bit of ingenuity.

That's when I found out Youtube. So many videos with model engines and interesting engineeing that kept growing my passion for this hobby.
One day, I stumbled upon a guy that had built a model jet engine. That was it, I couldn't believe what I was hearing and seeing.
The engine made a magnificent, authentic sound just like the real thing.

I thought, I had to make one!
So I did! Sort of..

It was a teeny tiny, non working example of the model I saw on that video.
I made it using sheets from tin cans for the compressor wheel and turbine wheel, and a piece of anodised aluminium for the body.
I was very proud of myself, because I didn't know I could make and handle such small parts with no special tooling.

My first video on Youtube was the compressor wheel spinning on micro ball bearings.
I blew air with a straw and it made a high pitched noise, much like the engine on the video.

Later that year, I uploaded more pictures and a testing video, and people loved it!

That build, that video, was the reason I kept making videos on Youtube, I still do and will do as long as I can.

My channel is all about my passion for DIY, amateur machining and CNC, mixed with model engines.

As long as my imagination engine works, I'm a happy man.

Learn more JohnnyQ90 Videos here.

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Timothy Baum - December 24, 2021

I enjoyed this. I went and bought a new 3D printer over a year ago I still can’t use and I wish I would have invested that money in one of those bench combination lathe/milling machine. Those I have used in my past and I could be making stuff instead of 1800 bucks setting on the table collecting dust while I try to understand using the software. Guess I grew up in all the wrong time period for all this computer stuff.

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