I have always been a Motorhead -Ron Taddeo | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
I have always been a Motorhead -Ron Taddeo | Stirlingkit

I have always been a Motorhead -Ron Taddeo | Stirlingkit

My name is Ron Taddeo, I was born in 1940s in Massachusetts. I am an Optician and musician but above all a "Motorhead". My main profession is an Optician .. I have been making eyeglasses for almost 45 years … I also have been a musician for over 50 years .. I still perform steadily in the Boston area .

When I was a kid, I had become fascinated by cars and motors. I had the coolest hotrod in high school .. never passed up a chance to make it go faster!  Since then I have been an avid “ car nut” all my life. I have always challenged myself by custom cars, one of which was proudly displayed on the cover of a national magazine. I became interested in RC and own just about anything that can be RC'd.

(The light blue car started as a VW BEETLE., now it’s a topless, fender less roadster)


.I’m an avid model maker which lead to RC planes and cars and then moved in to miniature engines both gas and steam  I really like to see how things work… I had more fun taking apart my toys than I did actually using them .I find Stirlingkit engines to be marvelous little jewels and look forward seeing new products .!! Stirlingkit has become my new "go to" in miniature engines and presently own 6-7 .. my favorite so far is the V2.. what a little jewel !'

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