How the Radio Control Hobby Saved My Life - Dennis Dempsey - Stirlingkit
How the Radio Control Hobby Saved My Life - Dennis Dempsey

How the Radio Control Hobby Saved My Life - Dennis Dempsey

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Note: We’re looking for stories about your engine ideas and story.  for example, when and why do you start to like engines? What do you think of Stirlingkit Team? What's your first engine from Stirlingkit? What engine project have you done before? what else engine do you think Stirlingkit should make in the future?

Dennis Dempsey

Age: 50+ Engineer

We are going to share the first stories of Dennis Dempsey. Dennis is a great man who has passion and patience with engines and remote control cars. In his YouTube channel (Dennis Dempsey Radio out of control) is all about his engine-building projects. He always expresses his opinions on the engine honestly. He will smile and laugh when he unboxes a good engine, like nr200. and sad when he can't fix the engine problems. he also provides much good advice to viewers. He makes and builds an amazing Aussie V8 engine. It's a great place for all the R/C hobby addicts in the world who like to create, improve or scratch build any project.

What Does Dennis Dempsey Say?

My first interest in engines was when I was growing up in the late 1960's early 1970s during the Muscle car years here in America, I always liked modifying and repairing high-performance engines and when I got into the radio control car/truck hobby I really like the nitro engines, converting engines into electric cars is my favorite content on my YouTube channel and with all the parts that are available on Sterlingkit make it easy, The new 4 stroke engines that are being manufactured today created a fresh new avenue to the radio control hobby.


I have a 1/4 scale supercharged V8 that is really cool.


 I own dozens of engines and like them all, but some of my favorite engines are the Toyan L400 - L200 and the V400, the NR200 is an outstanding little engine also, it offers superb power scale looks and is very easy to run. I plan on purchasing many more in the future.

Thanks for everything.

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Mom - December 9, 2021

You have such a creative mind. I know you love your cars!

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