Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC 4-cylinder Inline Four-stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Engine with Twin Overhead Camshafts for RC Car Boat

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Color: Blue

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Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC 4-cylinder Inline Four-stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Engine with Twin Overhead Camshafts for RC Car Boat



this engine is already upgraded. learn more from this blog. Any problems pls email me directly service@stirlingkit.com


.DOHC Design: 

DOHC stands for Dual or Double overhead Camshaft. The intake valve and exhaust valve are arranged on two camshafts.The engine adopts a four-cylinder, four-stroke, eight-valve design, and DOHC control the intake and exhaust valves respectively, with stable performance, stronger and more stable power output.Timing is easy to adjust. 

Perfect Cooling System

It's equipped with an external water-cooled pump, which can effectively cool the engine down when it's overheated because of its perfect cooling system.

.Well-designed Oil Pan

Different from Toyan or Baxter engines you used before, our team uses an oil pan at the bottom of the engine with bolts, which can better help oil circulate around the engine when started.  Because it's the reservoir for oil that gets pumped throughout the engine to lubricate, clean and cool moving parts.

.Easy to Start Up:

In order to start the engine more easily and smoothly, it does not only use a hall-type CDI pulse electric ignition design, but also equipped with a large torque starter motor. Vide instruction video click here

Note : the starter kit is not included. You need to buy it yourself. (buy it here: https://bit.ly/3tBes3b) To start this engine, you need 4pcs sparks plugs, 12-24v brushless ESC (40-80A recommended), fuel ank, oil tube, Hall type cdi pulse igniter,governor & water cooling accessories. The Base is not included.


.New Three-ring Design

The piston adopts a simulated three-ring design for a better combustion efficiency, including a tapered gas ring and an oil ring. The top and second rings press tightly against the cylinder wall and seal the combustion chamber, keeping combustion gases in and oil out. and the oil ring scrapes oil off the cylinder wall on the way down the cylinder, depositing it back into the oil sump. The crankshaft made by dozens of processes is high-precision, high-strength and durable. The inner wall of the high-strength cylinder liner is chrome-plated to increase wear resistance and smoothness, and improve service life. 

.Good Exhaust Performance

Our designer installs a 4 branch exhaust system, which is made of high strength stainless steel, which has a corrosion resistance and durability. So that the exhaust is concentrated in a pipe to be discharged, and it is not easy to stain the surface of the engine. And You'll also be impressed by its good emulated sound and performance. 

.Exquisite Simulation Appearance

The whole machine shell is manufactured by CNC machining center, and the appearance is exquisite and atmospheric and full of texture. The design of red sports elements and the highly simulated appearance are closer to the real engine.

.Wide Range of Applications:

The engine is suitable for refitting to large-scale like 1/8 or 1/5 RC model cars, boats, tanks, and it is also very suitable for playing as a desktop model, refitting into a generator, etc. It is a high-quality choice for model players with strong DIY hands-on ability.

.Gift: This is an amazing mechanical crafts, it will attract the likes of many model engine lovers. It can be given as a high-end personalized gift to friends, family members, machinery or model lovers.

Note: accessories are not included. pls buy it yourself.thanks for your understanding. Buy it here: https://bit.ly/3fiCgF8

learn more details from:  this blog


.For Ages: 14+


.Color: Blue
.Material: Aluminum Alloy
.Model: D6
.Displacement: 36cc (4×9cc)
.Cylinders: Four cylinders
.Strokes: four strokes
.Piston Diameter: 22.9mm
.Speed: 7800r/min

.Idle Speed: 2000-3000 rpm
.Fuel: 92#/95# gasoline
.Lubrication Method: 70-80mL dosage, 30-50w oil viscosity
.Cooling Method: Water-cooled
.Ignition Method: Hall type CDI pulse electric ignition
.Start Mode: Electric start (motor starter)
.Product Dimensions: 19 x 13.1 x 12.5cm
.Product Weight: 3000g
.Package Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 18cm
.Package Weight: 3500g
.Packing: Box

Package Content:

.1 x Engine only
.1 x User Manual

Note: accessories are not included. pls buy it yourself.thanks for your understanding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Home made shaft connection

Just two extra pictures of the connecting joint an attachment I made for the Enjomor engine.
You can also se my Whippet engine next to the 36cc , I tried building this Whippet 45 years ago when I was 15 years old, newer started it yet. Ordered a new from Stirlingkit.

Big Beautiful Engine

I purchased one of the first engines as they came out. It turned out to need some updates, so I did return the engine all the way to China. Just got it back, exelent service didn’t cost me aneything, could track the package both ways. Looks great, new starter gear reduction, the outside oil lines ,are moved inside the engine 3 rings pr. Piston , pretty blue colour, and very nice machining .
I have a 55” long boat hull planned for this engine, with a MRC outdrive. The only thing Enjomor could include are an connector to the propellor shaft, I made my own and I hope it holds up beacause I think this engine are going to be wery powerful for the boat. I like it a lot, are going to start it soon , and carefully breake it in, then work out the boat instalation this summer.

Bob Greenhalgh

I am very impressed with this model Engine looking forward to putting into a model boat.

David Sanford
Great little engine.

Looks like nice fabrication and a great value for the price. A couple of bolts were missing from the exhaust headers but they were furnished and got one installed the other one, there was no clearance for the wrench so couldn't install it. I would have preferred a conventional exhaust manifold anyway. But this is minor nit picking, it's a great well engineered little engine and a good value