TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane

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26 total reviews

Verson: Gasoline FS-L400BGC

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What's New About FS-L400BGC?

TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane - stirlingkit

Build an Inline-4 Engine Kits That Works

Delight in the art of assembly with precision-manufactured components and step-by-step instructions. Witness the inner workings of an inline four engine and gain a profound understanding of mechanical principles.

Realism Beyond Compare

Admire the engine's sports-inspired gold design, created to mirror the aesthetics of a real engine. And yes, it runs on real gasoline, bringing authenticity to your experience.

TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane - stirlingkit

How Does 4-Stroke Engine Works?

The TOYAN FS-L400BGC engine operates by igniting gasoline, which powers pistons to turn a crankshaft. This rotational motion is harnessed for various applications, such as driving vehicles or generating power.

Stability and Speed:

Engineered for high-speed operations, our dual oil-seal crankshaft prevents oil leakage while a support bracket enhances performance, achieving a maximum speed of 13500rpm.

TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane - stirlingkit
TOYAN FS-L400 14cc Inline 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke Water-cooled Assembly Engine Model For RC Model Car Ship Airplane - stirlingkit

Performance Upgrade:

The valve/camshaft upgrade extends lifespan by 3.5 times, while the high-angle camshaft heightens throttle response for a thrilling ride.

Reliability at its Core:

Dual synchronous pulleys ensure timing precision even at high speeds, while the redesigned carburetor and intake manifold make engine startup a breeze.

Ready for More:

An enlarged oil sump allows for future independent lubrication upgrades, so you can take your engine to new heights.


This engine is ignited using a distributor, a distributor ignition system that is relatively simple and reliable. A distributor ignition system is a traditional ignition system used to ignite a gasoline engine and usually includes a distributor, ignition coil, glow plug, and ignition timing mechanism.


Use a new starting motor. easy to start.

Tom from Toyan:"We have launched many excellent engine models in the past, including single-cylinder, twin-cylinder and V8. However, two years ago, I first launched an inline four-cylinder engine, and some users encountered problems with crankshaft breakage due to design flaws. Although I later improved the design to avoid this problem, the ill effects of that incident had a profound impact on our brand. I would like to apologize again to our customers who trust our brand. It was these challenges and failures that fueled my determination to move forward and made me realize that building engines requires a higher degree of care. These setbacks prompted me to delve deeper into studying, refining, and perfecting the inline four-cylinder engine. This time we make 12 updates and improvements on this engine. I believe this is the best inline four engine kits we have.

I originally built engine models so that engine enthusiasts around the world could have fun with this technology. However, after launching more than a dozen engine models, the inline four-cylinder engine model has become our most popular product, not only because of its design and appearance, but also because of its powerful performance. We heard some feedback from people asking: “Why is Toyan engine so expensive?”, “Is this palm-sized engine really worth the price?”, “I like your brand, but can’t afford it”, “I Being a student, I longed to own an engine model but couldn’t afford it”. So, from that point on, I decided that I wanted to come up with an affordable in-line four-cylinder engine model in kit form.

After a year of hard work and countless tests, I finally achieved this goal! That's FS-L400BGC."


Assembling this engine model kit is designed to be a fun DIY project. It comes with precision-manufactured parts and detailed instructions, making it relatively easy to assemble, especially for those with some experience in model building.

Basic hand tools such as screwdrivers and pliers are typically required for assembly. Tools are not included in the kit, so you'll need to provide your own.

The engine features an electric start mechanism. You'll need a 6-12V power source for starting, such as a 2S-3S Lipo battery, which is not typically included and should be purchased separately.

yes. this engine is already updated and fully tested. if you have any problems with this engine, you can contact and then you can do it ASAP.

Use 92# and above gasoline (petrol) as the fuel source. It's important to use high-quality gasoline with the specified octane rating to ensure proper engine performance. Lower octane fuels may result in knocking and reduced engine efficiency. The engine uses splash lubrication by default.

  • Displacement: 14cc (4 x 3.5cc)
  • Stroke: Four-Stroke
  • RPM Range: 3200-13500rpm
  • Power Output: 3.05hp
  • Cooling System: Water-Cooled + Air-Cooled
  • Lubrication Method: Splash Lubrication (Upgradable to Independent Lubrication)
  • Fuel Type: 92# and Above Gasoline
  • Ages: 16+

This is the kit version and does not include a base, spark plug, ignition accessories, water cooling parts, etc. Carefully follow the instructions for safe handling and operation. Reach out to us with any queries.

TOYAN FS-L400BGC engine model is on sale now. It costs 899.99usd for the original version of this engine but now just 499.99$, the lowest price ever, and then you can get a gasoline engine now. They are in regular stocks.

sorry. this engine is the latest version. they are not compatible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Fantastic engine

Absolutely thrilled with this engine!🎉😍

The experience of building it was fantastic, and I'm grateful to Stirlingkit for both the high-quality product and exceptional customer service. Despite building it a bit later than planned, I'm thoroughly satisfied with the outcome.

Can't wait to order the new version of the l400! 🚀 YouTube video placeholder
New Toyan fs-l400BGC

Thank you Stirlingkit Team!! Your friendly service and support is legendary 👏
I only get my engines from Stirlingkit❤️
I was surprised the package came really fast and a well protected packaged.
From the moment I opened the box the quality of this engine stands out, all the parts are debured and beveled and beautifully anodized.
There's new 2 piece brass connecting rods and heavier pulleys that gives this engine a smooth lower idle.
The single pump carb allows you more options for fuel tank placement no pressure line from Exhaust needed.
The new 3d printer header and intake manifold are absolutely stunning and polishing really makes this engine stand out.
I really love how adjustable the distributor is and the distributor works great.
Bullet connectors are used to connect sparkplug wires to the distributor.
ive had no issues with the hall effect sensor, I do recommend to ensure sensor wires are isolated and not to contact the engine.
Building was easy all parts fit together nicely didn't even have to bang the bearing on the camshaft.
The engine started up right away no leaks at all, absolutely no cooling issue the gear drive water pump is very efficient no priming necessary.
This engine can run tank after tank.
If I must complain then I would say go back to the teflon oil gasket, rubber is too soft, and smooth out the corners of the lower support.
You really feel that you are getting a high quality at a very fair price.
I Love this new L400👌

Toyan has really hit it out of the park with this engine.
I really like the new direction Toyan is going keep this up and your engines will continue to grow and get better and better thank for for listening to us and making the L400 into the engine it was meant to be.👌😁 YouTube video placeholder

Coolest motor Toyan now has a v3 of the FS-L400 Engine with 3rd support bushing and it has made all the difference this little motor is so powerful and awesome!! YouTube video placeholder
Nice little 4 cylinder

Well I have built this little engine was fun to build took me from 11pm to round 7 am the next morning as I was taking my time going to put it on a stand then start it up just waiting for the stand/base for it

Terry Harmer

I like it looks good for a model engine. Fast and good, as always!

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