SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2 DIY Build a Nitro 4 Stroke 2 Cylinder Engine Kit That Runs- FS-L200AC

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Otto Motor

Semto Engine


Toyan & Semto Adds New Entry-Level Engine Option to Model Engine Lineup

Toyan has a passion for machining the highest precision and quality scale engine models. Toyan indeed has released a few engines in assembly DIY versions. However, we find some students can't afford it even though they do like Toyan engines but not the price. So we discuss this with the Toyan engine team. Why not make an engine that everyone can afford? We hope every petrolhead college student can take it even if they have a low budget.

In this case, the idea of making an entry-level come into Toyan mechanics' minds for a year. So they have started to design and make it several times. And they have also co-branded with SEMTO Engine & OTTO MOTOR to make brand-new 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine kits recently. That means the costs are greatly marked down.

so that is, SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF- Simple, Easy To Use, and Intuitive. Just only 149.99$ and take this pocket-size engine home. (Please note that this is the entry-Level engine so the structure is simplified but it's fully functional. the size is smaller too)

Frequently asked questions

please read the instruction from the parcel before you start it. or you can learn more details from this blog.

We ship items as soon as possible, as they become available. Lead times and estimated delivery dates are indicated for the Otto motor or Semto engine in Stirlingkit. Shipment and delivery schedules may be affected by production time, order time, and regional and federal holidays. Normally we will send first the order with expedited express fee, and then the standard order as per the order time.

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.1*Engine Model Kit

Yes. The semto engine model kits needs a kit of starter. you can buy it here.

Otto Motor and Semto Engine are different engine brand. They both have also co-branded with Toyan Engine to
make brand-new 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine kits. so that is, OTTO MOTOR FS-L200AC ( or
SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2). It doesn't look any different except the logo on the top of the engine cover.

sorry. it's nitro powered. so it can't run on gas normally. but Stirlingkit provides a gas conversion kits for this engine, so that it can be powered by gasoline in this case. buy it here.

Your OTTO / Semto engine part numbers can be found in your engine's BOM LIST. In order to download and view the correct BOM LIST and determine the correct part numbers for your specific engine, you will need to find the Model Number on your engine (Example: #001). The numbers listed next to the part illustrations in our BOM LIST are called Reference Numbers. These numbers are one to four digits in length depending on the part. The reference number is used to locate the specific Service Part Number (usually 2 or 4 digits) you will require to order replacement parts for engine repair.

the Semto engine has a detailed step-by-step instruction. even you are new to it, you can build it successfully. it's user-friendly. Any young teenagers would find it easy to build a 2 clinder engine kits that actually runs. of course, some engine tools are also recommended. buy it here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Otto-Sempto Engine

I built the Otto- Sempto engine as a gasoline engine, it runs with the Cison CDI and two magnets in the flywheel.
The parts are as always from Toyan clean CNC milled and fit perfectly.
However, Toyan should rethink its concept, I have already built some Toyan engines and it is always little things that spoil the fun of the model.
Poor sealing, carburetor has no clean idle adjustment, even the new diaphragm carburetor can not be perfectly regulated.
The Otto engine also gets too hot because it has too few cooling fins,
otherwise it runs reasonably well.

Nice little engine

I just finished my l200ac. Went together easy. Runs great. I did have to modify the rocker arms, there was no clearance and the valves weren't closing. I just polished the contact surfaces on the rockers with a fine file then 1200 grit sandpaper until I had a little clearance so the valves could seat. Overall a great buy,

Mary A
Granddaughter learning auto maintenance

Bought this as a birthday gift for granddaughter who is learning to drive and maintain an automobile. She worked with her grandfather to assemble it. it actually looks like an engine. Very good for demonstrating how an engine actually works.

stephane F
SO worth it!

My husband ordered this for our 16 year old who is always tinkering. First off, the pride on my sons face when he realizes hes actually been building his own model engine despite the recommended ages on the box gives him such pride and motivation to keep going and is priceless itself.And trust me, this one is the perfect challenge for your tinkering builder!

Dennis B
Just putting it together but pretty cool!

We just now opened it and putting it together! Pretty neat gift!