TECHING DM135 1/10 Turbofan Engine Model Kit that Works Military Fighter Jet Engine Kits 600+PCS

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Build Your Own Turbojet engine

Military Stealth Fighter Engine DIY Metal Mechanical Assembly Electric Turbofan Engine Small Bypass Ratio Twin Rotor Engine Model.jpg__PID:54dcc2b2-1f87-4b25-85bc-910ccba0783c



Realistic Replica


Dynamic Display


Premium Metal


Challenging DIY






Family Fun


Easy Control

turbojet-engine-model-kits (4).png__PID:afea2686-b859-489c-b181-d6bce09965f9
turbojet-engine-model-kits (2).png__PID:b859589c-3181-46bc-a099-65f981c57707

High-simulation all-metal manufacturing

This turbofan engine model is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, and is precision cast and CNC processed, with surface sandblasting and anodizing treatment, which truly restores the complex structure and process of the real engine.

Dynamic visible, sound and light atomization

The model has a built-in electric motor that can simulate the operation of a real engine, and the opening design on the fuselage allows you to clearly see the internal mechanical movement. In addition, it is also equipped with simulated lighting, sound and atomization functions, making the entire model more vivid and realistic.


600+ parts, DIY assembly fun

This model contains more than 600 parts, with assembly tools and detailed English manuals, so that you can personally experience the entire assembly process from parts to finished products, bringing unprecedented sense of accomplishment and challenges.

STEAM educational tool

As an educational tool, this model helps to understand the internal structure and working principle of the turbofan engine, popularize aviation engineering knowledge, and stimulate interest and creativity in industrial technology. It is a very suitable project for adults and children to do together.

Battery2* 3.7V 800mAh Lithium Batteries
Charging Time2 hours
Assembly Time 5+ hours
Difficulty Level★★★☆☆
Product Weight7500 grams
DimensionsProduct Dimensions
teching turbofan engine diagram show.jpg__PID:f45ce7a3-b9a7-4c62-b45e-af77af109d4f

package inclusions

  • 1 x Engine
  • 1 x Charging USB
  • 1 x Protective Foam
  • 1 x Basic Tool
  • 1 x User Manual

How Does it Work?

The TECHING x SKYMECHMAN Military Turbofan Engine Model operates through a motor-driven mechanism that animates the model's fan blades, turbines, and core engine, simulating the dynamic functions of a real military turbofan engine. The cutaway design allows for a clear view of the internal components in motion, showing how air is compressed, mixed with fuel, ignited, and expelled to produce thrust. The model includes an interactive control panel for adjusting speed, lighting, and sound effects, providing an immersive and educational experience. Additionally, the mist function replicates exhaust gases, enhancing the realistic airflow simulation, making it an ideal tool for understanding complex aerospace engineering principles.

How is DM135 Turbojet engine Made?

1. design

3d print turbojet engine kits stirlingkit.jpg__PID:9d4fcda3-8304-466c-9048-9bc32ca93f62

2. sample 3d printing

turbojet engine checking quality.jpg__PID:620d9d4f-cda3-4304-866c-10489bc32ca9

3. checking design & quality

first gen turbojet engine model kits for sale.jpg__PID:f8dc10ec-e166-43f4-9113-e8c9fcf95ce9

4. 1st gen sample

2nd gen turbojet engine model kits for sale.jpg__PID:10ece166-33f4-4113-a8c9-fcf95ce900d2

5. 2nd gen sample

teching turbojet engine final version.jpg__PID:5cd5620d-9d4f-4da3-8304-c66c10489bc3

6. final design

What's the Size of DM135 Turbojet Engine?

turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (2).jpg__PID:ba53cb48-d494-4081-ab99-55a78372b59b
turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (6).jpg__PID:bfd70208-d746-475c-8128-7bfedec284e4
turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (4).jpg__PID:cb48d494-4081-4b99-95a7-8372b59b1efe
turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (7).jpg__PID:0208d746-975c-4128-bbfe-dec284e40e02
turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (3).jpg__PID:53cb48d4-9440-412b-9955-a78372b59b1e
turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (4).jpg__PID:cb48d494-4081-4b99-95a7-8372b59b1efe
turbojet engine kits real size teching brand (6).jpg__PID:bfd70208-d746-475c-8128-7bfedec284e4
Scale Military Stealth Fighter Engine DIY Metal Mechanical Assembly Electric Turbofan Engine Small Bypass Ratio Twin Rotor Engine Model1.png__PID:85bc910c-cba0-483c-a86a-858a6c8e5672

Detailed Display Of Internal Parts



Low-pressure_compr_essor_assembly (2).png__PID:ed6fd797-3be3-4bea-837d-588462ca118c

Low pressure compressor


High pressure compressor


Tail nozzle assembly


Combustion chamber 

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Amazing detail and functionality! The interactive control panel and realistic movement make it a must-have for any aviation fan.

Paula Wilson

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My son and I loved building this! The instructions were clear, and the model's sound and light effects really bring it to life. Perfect for learning and fun.

Kim Westlock

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This model is a stunning addition to my collection. The quality is superb, and the interactive features are fantastic. It’s a real conversation starter.

Anna Wilson

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From Passion to Creation

TECHING and SKYMECHMAN are brands dedicated to the development of high-precision models and educational tools. With advanced design and excellent manufacturing technology, we provide a series of high-quality products for aviation and industrial technology enthusiasts. Each model is a reflection of our love and pursuit of engineering technology. We look forward to exploring the world of machinery with you.

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