CISON FG-VT157 15.7cc Miniature V-Twin Motorcycle Engine OHV 4 Stroke Air-cooled Gasoline Engine Model

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CISON FG-VT157 15.7cc Miniature V-Twin Motorcycle Engine OHV 4 Stroke Air-cooled Gasoline Engine Model Pre-order

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Learn about its background story from Mr. Xi's diary: Why I'm MAKING a shovelhead Engine Model?

Q&A blog: Q&A Questions for CISON FG-VT157 15.7cc V-twin V2 Engine | Stirlingkit

In September 2021, we launched the first FG-VT9 V2 engine, which was warmly received and highly praised by engine model lovers once released. Subsequently, sincere suggestions and strong expectations for the second V2 engine we have received from many model fans. So we decided to launch the new FG-VT157 V2 engine in November 2022. Add the FG-VT157 to the V2 series to make them an era mark that reappears in the history of motorcycle engines. Continuing the style of the FG-VT9, the FG-VT157 V2 engine is designed with the basically same dimensions and some parts available for common use. However, we also put in some new design elements to make it unique, such as the classic&simulated appearance, larger piston and cylinder liner, spherical combustion chamber, V-shaped angle valve, improved carburetor and so on.


.Impressive Simulation: The authentic rocker cover on the classic cylinder head and gearbox cover allow the model to restore the original charm and get closer to the motorcycle engine in real life, representing the most remarkable characteristics of a motorcycle in an era.

.Compatible with RC Vehicles: Features larger cylinder diameter and longer stroke for superior displacement, along with stronger connecting rods to provide superb torque protection when installed on the vehicles.

.Reliable Structure: Adopts an OHV valve mechanism, a 45° angle between two cylinders, a realistic hemispherical combustion chamber, an inlet rocker arm with a V-shaped angle as well as a separable rocker arm cover chamber for easier to observe and adjust the engine.

.Sophisticated Manufacture: Treated with aluminum CNC precision processing on the body, along with anodic oxidation and sand blast on the surface for a pleasing mechanical artwork with texture and aesthetics.

.Stable Performance: Equipped with a large-area heat sink for incredible air cooling effects, the engine is able to operate stably keeping low speed and supports the use of different fuels for more balanced burning due to the optimized carburetor.

.Best Gift: Whether used as an excellent desktop collection or applied to an RC model car, the model makes one of the best engines for collectors, which is not inferior at all.

.Notes: The assembled engine with a spark plug and CDI igniter is ready to run, but the fixed engine base and batteries are not included. Please operate the engine according to the instructions to avoid damage because of improper operation. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.


.Material: Metal
.Brand: CISON
.Item No: FG-VT157
.Form: Ready to Run
.Type: Gasoline Engine
.Valve Mechanism: OHV
.Displacement: 15.7cc
.Cylinder: V-Twin
.Stroke: Four Strokes
.Cylinder Diameter: 20mm
.Stroke: 25mm
.Angle: 45°
.Speed: 1500-8000 rpm
.Power: 0.8 ps
.Cooling Mode: Air Cooling
.Lubrication Method: Mix Lubrication (Gasoline/Engine Oil =30/1)
.Starting Mode: Electronic Drill Starting
.Ignition Method: CDI Igniter (Included)
.Spark Plug Type: 1/4-32 Thread ME8 Spark Plug (Including 2)
.Starting Power: 6-7.4V Battery (Not Included)
.Fuel Type: 92# Gasoline and Above
.Engine Oil Type: 2T Engine Oil
.Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5 x 12.1cm
.Product Weight: 1500g
.Package Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm
.Package Weight: 1700g
.Packing: Graphic Carton
.Ages: 14+

Parcel List:

.1*V2 Engine Body
.2*Spark Plug
.2*Exhaust Pipe
.1*CDI Igniter
.1*Drill Starting Rod
.1*English Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Timeless beauty

Wow!! This Cison V2 is just so incredible!

The quality of the FG-VT157 is fantastic 👌
I love all the chrome and the details of this engine.
The adjustable valves are a very nice feature, and lots of room for grease up top, I absolutely love the chrome valve covers.

The updated carburetor is perfect for this engine and very easy to adjust but the throttle arm is in a difficult position to install a scale airfilter.
I like how the timing is simplified only 2 gears instead of 5.
The Pistons are massive and there's so much compression.💪

Out of the box I still disassembled the engine and went over everything and I was very impressed.
The ground wire is incorporated into the hall sensor so no ground wire is needed and
I also followed Jon Cook advice and installed bigger resistors inline. Thank you for your work on the Cison V2 Jon Cook.
The FG-VT157 comes with 2 sets of resistors 3.3 ohm and 8.5 ohm I installed 19.7ohm on the 20k scale so far zero issues with my hall sensor.

I also wish that 2 capscrews 2.5 x 20mm was included for mounting this engine. (Hard to find).

Out of the box this engine has ran perfectly, no messing around, other than installing resistors.
If you love V2 engines the FG-VT157 with hemi head is the one to get.
Here is a little video, it's running a little rich for breaking in the idle is a little high to keep it from stalling.

Thank you Cison and the Stirlingkit Team for bringing us such a high quality engine that runs and sounds like the real thing 👍🙏😊 YouTube video placeholder
CISON FG-VT157 15.7cc

Came very quickly, very nice engine would recommend. 👍👍👍

Frank Schiavo
won't start

Got the motor and it looks great but on the first start it ran for a second and died .when I checked it out it had no spark so being a bike builder I checked the igniter box by jumping the black and white wires and it sparked but the pickup in the cone is bad I sent an email a few days ago with no answer yet . I also have the Panhead motor and the little knuckle head motor .I had the same issue with the panhead motor and they sent me a new pickup and now that one is fine .But I am waiting for a reply on this motor.

Too engine

I have modded my engine. Black cylinder and ring in the push rod cover and new ignition cover

Jon Cook
The Cison Shovelhead is unbelievable!!

The Cison FG-VT157
Shovelhead miniature engine is gonna be legendary!
It takes all the cool features of the or mother, original Cison FG-VT9 Panhead, and goes further with some awesome features.

First off, the Shovelhead features a hemispherical V-valve head, which is a huge improvement in terms of performance over the FG-VT9, giving a more complete & efficient burn of fuel.
I was really impressed with how Cison replicated the Harley Shovelhead’s valvetrain… beautifully CNC machined rocker arms, with oiling holes for rocker shaft lubrication, and perfectly machined rocker shaft ‘flat-head’ end plugs add to the scale aesthetics and function.

The Cison Shovelhead has a 15.7cc displacement, larger than the 9cc Panhead, which gives it a lower “thump.”
The connecting rods have added bronze bushings for better durability, and the pistons have skirt oiling holes added.

I think the part I’ve been most excited about is the flywheel, and how it looks so much more scale.
Cison also added an “open primary” type belt drive pulley that can be used for starting, or RC applications… it looks killer!
Cison also beefed-up the shaft start shaft diameter and clutch bearing, for durability.

The finish and machining on the Shovelhead is gorgeous. Every Cison engine has a beautiful finish, the Shovelhead’s silver, chrome, and machined aluminum are by far my favorite. -I’m looking forward to the black-jug Shovelhead to be added to the Cison lineup sometime in the future.

When I first started my Shovelhead, I was impressed by its instant start, and despite the smaller mass flywheel, it can still idle at at very low RPM. I was blown away at the power and instant response of this engine… all the updates Cison has done to the Shovel, have definitely paid off!! On the ignition side of the FG-VT157, I like how Cison made the CDI box black this time, and added spark plug boots that have a more scale look and fit the HT lead perfectly.
I’m looking forward to the optional flywheel-side Hall Sensor, and any other accessory that will be available for this little beast!

Huge applause to Cison and Stirlingkit for creating yet another unbelievable scale running V-twin engine, that any gear-head & modeler will absolutely love