ENJOMOR 6cc Antique Red Hit and Miss Gas Engine Working Model


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Thomas M.
Enjomor Hit and Miss is a must-buy Hit and Miss enthusiasts

So much about this engine is very, very good - brass or bronze sleeve bearings used throughout, nice castings, strong construction, mechanical leaf switch ignition, great paint job, and all moving parts fitting well. Someone's put a lot of work into this. Initially it will run too fast - on a mass produced engine, I suspect this is necessary until it begins to run in and I suspect many of us will seek to slow down the governor. That kind of tweaking takes time and I'd rather the engine was affordable, which it definitely is - great price. Check out my Youtube unboxing and review, and subscribe if you want to be notified of my progress with this machine - I've already tried different springs in the governor and will get a translation of the Chinese governor video for this engine (My wife being Chinese). Next I'll try lead inserts in the governor weights, I think... fun tweaking!

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Scott Hord
Great engine

As always Stirlingkit has a great product at a great price!

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