H74 5cc 4-Stroke 2-Cylinder Water Cooled Gasoline Internal Combustion Engine Model


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Starting new H74 engine

Hi, just recived my new H74 engine, it is a wery nice pice of art. I belive you get a lot for your money here !
Details like external waterpump, governor for speed , a pretty radiator with a belt driven fan to see when its rumming.
Just the inntake and exhaust manifolds must be hard to make this small ! And the cool cower for the exhaust like the real tractor engines.
I put some blue glycol coolant in the water to see it better, and filled the radiator, remember to refill after running, as the cylinder and pump space takes some of the coolant also.
Fill gas and start the engine clockwise with the provided start coupling in your drill. Mine started right away and ran nicely, the instructions are a little funny in english chinese, but they do not say if you should fill oil in the crankcase. I filled a little oil upto the bottomof the crankshaft, but rhe engine started making white smoke right away, so I took it out. Maybe oiling the rods and bearings a few drops with a precition oiler are enough between runs.
Wish they made the H74 as a kit to assemble myself, I really enjoyed building the Toyan L400 !
Now I want a small tractor or bulldoser to install this engine in (kit please) I really recomend this engine if you like small mecanical pieses of art that works! Came with exelent tracking information and I followed the package from China to Norway.


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