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Building a chopper

Motor looks beautiful I am building a frame got tires making rims, spokes will be fun. Motor is mounted, will be mounted on a wood base when done to show off how it runs. Desk display for all to see. 3D printing fenders hand Making gas tank out of metal.

Great device

I was given one of these as a gift for Christmas and I have been very pleased with it. Really amazing thing and have enjoyed using it for experiments.

Awsome little motor

Absolute cracker of a motor well made starts easier enough and sounds great. I bought tbe black one and now got the air filter on it. If your into engines or scale models then this is the place to buy from. Will be making a frame for it this is just a mock up.

Cdi unit

Works a treat but after a few runs of the engine the outer case broke, so i p3d printed a new case a stronger one. I also bought a spare just incase.

Outstanding Quality Cison V2 Base

Really impressed with the quality and the weight of this CNC-milled base! The weight will be great for the V2’s vibration.
Great anodized finish, and arrived when it was expected. Looking forward to mounting my V2 this weekend

Cison V2 Crankshaft

Bought as an accessory to have with my V2, it’s a really cool part to have by itself to display!

Running on Glow Fuel

I have to say that this engine is lovely. I normally make all of my engines, but this is great and I'm enjoying adding the items around it. YouTube video placeholder
fun little motors

This new hall sensor is a big improvement over the internal hall for now. On a display stand this works great. You can adjust it through the flywheel without taking it apart. When i build a frame i don’t think this external hall will work for me. I will probably go to glow plug and nitro fuel. Maybe a working oil pump would keep internal temps lower so we can use internal Hall. Or maybe a better internal hall can be made. For now with external hall i can come home after work and enjoy this wonderful little motor day after day. Thank you

Fantastic engine, runs like a charm! High quality in every way

This engine is my favourite Sterling Engine!. It runs very fast and is super quiet. The construction is superb, very well put together. This engine is simply fabulous! A marvel of Sterling engines. According to my digital tach this engine runs well over 2000rpm. The speed adjustment works very well and you can get it to run below 100rpm. To change the wick you just need to disassemble the fuel storage fittings from engine. Then i take a regular 3/16" wick and unbraid it to make 3 thin wicks. Apply some crazy glue to one end of each unbraided wick to make them stiff. Then they can be fed into the wick holder tube as needed.

Golden Windmill

The Wind Turbine looks great on my science shelf! It was well worth the wait.

Pleased it arrived

I was looking forward to the arrival of my new engine after I placed the order, but was very disappointed when I got an email advising that the item was not actually in stock and had to be manufactured. This was not stated in the ad or conditions at any stage, so is something you need to be aware of should you be expecting immediate shipping. I was concerned I had been scammed at one point because the delivery took so long and no updates were forthcoming, and had to chase them up. Be aware that you get plenty of other sales emails forever more after they have your email address. After a long time (nearly 3 months) the item arrived and I'm very pleased with the quality. The packaging was excellent and delivery was via Aus post signiture. I can confirm the seller is genuine and not a scam. Note that my credit card company didn't think they were legitimate and I could not pay with Visa, and had to put the transaction via Paypal, so keep this in mind if your initial payment does not work. It was a lot of money (I'm in Australia so the exchange rate is not favourable for US dollars payment) but I am pleased with the product. It will be displayed proudly in my collection. I wish the optional base plate wasn't so expensive, it really should come as part of the engine for the price.

broke first day

We assembled this per the instructions. It worked briefly, then stopped working (as in the piston wouldn't go up and down with enough force to turn the wheel). Then one of the metal parts snapped, so now its really broken. Too bad, its a cute idea.

New Version V2 Hall Sensor

I bought the new version Cison V2 Hall sensor for my Cison V2.
Installation was easy and it works flawlessly. I really like this design better, it stays cooler, isn’t subjected to oil.
I haven’t had any issues, it works great.

Good value

Hi I this product was well worth the money it is an easy and enjoyable build and operates well no problem with remote control and the tires give it an extra dimension of movement

Black Version FG-VT9 - Thanks Stirlingkit!

After seeing the FG-VT9 black version , I had to order one to go with my silver one!

Absolutely stunning engine. I love how the chrome cam cover matches the chrome valve covers. Stirlingkit has yet again built an engine to be proud of.
The quality, fit, and finish of this engine is amazing.
The aluminum parts are anodized, the bolts & hardware are chromed, and the CNC parts perfectly replicate the Harley Panhead.

I ordered the black version when it was in the pre-sale stage, and I received it right on schedule from Stirlingkit. The shipping box was packed with bubble wrap around the engine’s box, which holds the engine and components securely with foam padding.

Just like the silver V2, the black version ran perfectly right out of the box.
It’s a very easy engine to start and the only things needed to run the engine, is a cordless drill for starting, a 7.4v battery pack for the ignition, a fuel tank, and 25:1 premixed gasoline / 2 stroke oil for lubrication.
The instruction manual has been updated by Stirlingkit and is easy to follow.

Can’t wait to build a base for the black
FG-VT9. Such a cool engine. I’ll make a running video soon 😊
As always, thanks Stirlingkit & Cison

Love this rc car

I love this 5 speed 2cylinder rc car. The machine work is out of this world.

Great rc car

I love these builds with rc cars and these little toyan motors are out of this world amazing. Great customer service. Great people


One Came in broken ;( so upset

Defective product will not refund my money.

Absolutely •perfect• and then some!

5 Stars to the Enjomor / Stirlingkit 10cc Whippet engine… If I could give it 6 stars, I would!

My Whippet arrived quickly via DHL. It was packed securely and safely from Stirlingkit.

Wow. Just wow!

Another Whippet owner stated:
“This is a Whippet that designer
Edgar T Westbury would be extremely proud of.” -I couldn’t agree more.

The Whippet’s quality, machining, fit and finish are excellent.
The green powder-coating on the block is flawless, and no CNC marks can be seen.

Stirlingkit & Enjomor have added a lot of extra details that really make it stand out, such as the small brass water inlet & outlet flanges, the velocity stack, small machining details such as the vented oil cap on the ignition side, a clever retaining plate for securing the exhaust, copper carb & exhaust gaskets, & the little brass lever on the throttle & points adjustment are just too cool.
Quality hex bolts / hardware are used throughout.
I removed the bottom crankcase sump cover, and the Whippet looks just as good on the inside, as the outside.
The big-end of the billet connecting rod has a bronze bushing, and has an oil slinger.
The camshaft looks to be hardened steel, with brass bushings and drive gears.

Everything about this little engine has been thought out and perfectly executed.
Copper gaskets are used throughout, and Stirlingkit provides detailed instructions on their website about setup, break-in and running the engine.

Looking forward to starting the break-in process and running the little Whippet. I already know it will run perfectly.

Couldn’t be happier. Great job, & applause Stirlingkit Team on another beautiful miniature scale engine. 😊👏

Very beautiful little engine.

I can just agree with everybody else. This is a fantastic little engine and I was very happy when I received it in good condition. After some adjustments, oil in the crankcase, it started easily with a nice sound. But, and this is very important: YOU CAN NOT USE ZIPPY LIGHTER FUEL! It will destroy the engine. This happened for me in two cases. I ordered new engines and used 2% 2-stroke fuel instead and now I am very happy indeed. (I bought the airfilter from Stirlingkit.)

Great Historical 4-cylinder 4-stroke water-cooled engine model

The engine arrived in great shape with good packing. Only thing need to realign the water pump belt in a cross-belt fashion and adjust cooling fan cowl to clear-off the touching of fan blade, upon open up the side covers, the crankshaft and bearing machining quality is very precise, also on exterior layout is very neat and clean. A great model engine for scale model engine collectors and model designers, either you can run it or as a metal display model, proud to have one in the desk-top.

Beautiful Engine

It´s a very beautiful made little engine. I added a wooden multiplex plate as base, brass tank and a brass muffler system inspired by H.D.
The mounting holes and the brackets are very small and should be a little bit enlarged in future if possible.
Also would it be nice to have some more detailed user instructions available.
I´m very glad to have one of this engines.
Kind regards

Fabuleuses boites mécaniques

J'aie achetées plusieurs de ces boites, 3 et 4 vitesses, et 4 en inversion pour différends modele, tres pratiques pour placer derrière un Toyan mono ou 2 cylindres 4 temps, c'est incontournable derrière un moteur thermique. Engrenages très solides en acier trempés cémentées, bons systèmes à crabots, mais dont certaines sont difficiles à enclancher à l'arret.

Il semblerait que ces enclanchements doivent etre faits en marches à petites vitesses ?

Je dis merci aux concepteurs et constructeurs de ces boites.

Appearance and Machining Quality

When I first received this model water pump, I was fascinated by the high machining quality of the pump, every components is milled out and turned from bar stock: pump volute casing, suction end cover, impeller, drive pulley, pump shaft bearing housing, oil cup, pump support bracket, and discharge outlet pipe elbow, the shaft and all the fixing bolts are turned from stainless steel. A fully function and high quality model parts, a must for all series real scale model builder and model collector fans.