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I stumbled across this engine while browsing for gifts for my younger brother

Thus is a great desk piece. My son in law loves them!

Really great teaching toy. Kids love showing it to the rest of their friends and family. Real brain builder.

Buy it, works perfectly. Can’t believe someone took the time to design, build and bring this to market. Bravo!

Exactly as advertised. A very nice example of the Stirling Engine principle.

Arrived quickly and in good order. What a marvellous little thing! Works like an a champ and, when just sitting inert, is slick looking and a wonderful conversation piece.

This is quite the model! I was amazed at the detail as there is Rods, Pistons, valves etc. to assemble. This was for my adult grandson and should be interesting to see how well he does.

Exceptionally well designed and well made model of a Stirling Engine. Amazing how well it operates. The engine has a “steampunk” look which makes it really cool just sitting there.

I didn't know what to expect, but this kit exceeded my expectations in every way. I learned so much about how engines work and about all the engine parts that I've been hearing about and paying to replace during my last few decades as a car owner, and how the parts fit together and work together to create that fabled four-stroke engine. I learned about the timing belt and the cam shaft and the valves and the pistons and the sparkplugs, and how the starter motor connects to the fuel pump and the crankshaft to start the engine. Dang, this kit was incredible. The packaging was so well designed, and the instructions were really clear. Even though the instruction manual was IN CHINESE (!!!), I was able to use the Google Translate app to figure out what was happening, and the diagrams were really easy to read. The whole experience was absolutely a delight. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who wants to learn more about car engines. I think it's going to have great re-play value, so I'm planning to pass it on to a kid I know. Great value, perfectly described, really great purchase.

The stirlingkit Stirling working model engine is fantastic! We are a homeschool family. My 10 year old son has been learning about forms of matter (solid, liquid and gas). I had been telling him how water expands when it turns to steam and how steam powered early trains and ships. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a working model is worth many more.

Good detail modelling , hope Stirlingkit produced model engine V8 Full Metal DIY

A great gadget! It sits on my teacup and runs. When it stops, the tea is cool enough to drink.

It came quickly and in full. Packaging is good, reliable. The product is quality and very beautiful. Thank the seller and i recommend it to everyone!

great engine model, works very well, packaging was adequate, all glass parts remained intact in postage.

This kit is simple to assemble. The instructions were fairly easy to follow with decent illustrations. There are some very small parts, plastic tube used as retainers for the axle shafts. They aren't difficult to get on, just easy to drop and lose. I'm sure they would send you more, or you could find some 2mm hose to make them. The engine has a heavy base so it is quite stable, the parts are nicely cast. There are no glass parts to break, it's all metal so it's not fragile. I lubricated the pistons with a bit of graphite, the main shaft has ball bearings. It starts quickly and runs fast. This is a good kit for anyone who is interested in engines.

The product arrived earlier than expected by the seller. It meets expectations, as it very easily reproduces the stirling engine, less well known than otto and diesel engines. Recommended

The engine works very well and goes very fine and silicious. Wine perfectly packaged and very fast. Thank you very much.

I’ve wanted one for years, so I bought one for my grandson and one for me ... thanks for making these ... I may become a collector

Super! Good communication with the seller. Comes with spare parts. Delivered quickly! Within 9 days! Works great!

The engine is a lot of fun to use. It seems to be high quality and the kit included a lot of items, including replacement parts. Came fully assembled and very well packaged. I used 95% rubbing alcohol as fuel and it worked well, but be careful; it is very flammable. Overall, great item and worth the money.