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I just got this inthe mail and tried it out. Amazing! It's very well built, sturdy and precise. There were previous complaints of the alcohol burner moving with the vibration, well they heard your cries and have added a permanently attached metal ring to hold the burner in place.?


This is a wonderful example of craftsmanship, an engineering marvel for anyone who appreciates a science project that has been done with perfection in mind. I wish I could say that it was me who created it.
I purchased a clear plastic cover to place over it and I put it on display in my living room for all who visits to appreciate. I keep some 97% Isopropyl Alcohol on hand to run it for anyone who is interested to see it operate. It is truly wonderful to watch operate. It doesn't require much fuel to make it run for several minutes. Watching the electric bulb glow different colors as it runs is amazing. Anyone who is interested in engineering would enjoy this working model. Certainly not ment for very small children to play with, adult guidance suggested and I would say required. Defiantly worth every penny, enjoy...


This model is really well made. I was surprised because it was relatively cheap compared to others. Came out of the box ready to run. I used 91% alcohol in the lamp. Works fine. Been playing with it for hours. Will be buying more from stirlingkit.


The Sterling engine arrived very well packed (triple boxed). It has all the listed parts (alcohol burner, spare parts) and extras and worked perfectly the first time i used it!
It is a beautiful little machine! it worked exactly as it should when I added heat (a lighter) to it!
Very cool toy!


This is a well made little machine. The "flywheel" is well balanced and it runs like a champ. Everyone I've showed it to is amazed and it's fun to watch while running. There's a little motor that generates enough power to light up a LED. Some people might find the constantly changing LED colors a bit annoying, but that's just me. Would I reccomend this to others? Absolutely. You'll like it. Just remember to use denatured alcohol and don't run the alcohol lamp dry, otherwise the wick starts to burn and it will char. You'll end up having to use scissors to snip off the charred end. It runs for about 8-10 minutes on a full "tank" depending on how much wick is exposed. I recommend having the wick slightly below the glass viewing window that covers the piston. Children should be supervised and should not be left alone while this unit is running. If the alcohol lamp is left uncovered, the alcoholic will evaporate. I recommend covering the alcohol lamp with a shot glass when not in use to slow down the evaporation process.