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I was skeptical about ordering this Stirling engine kit, as there were no reviews, but ordered it anyway considering the price was relatively cheap, compared to other kits. I was pleasantly surprised when I received the kit. It's very compact, made of high quality materials and comes pre-assembled. I was able to get it going with a candle in a couple of minutes. I haven't used the lamp bottle yet.


Just as cool as it appears in advertisement. Very well made and high quality materials. Worked at first effort ( and I’m not a particularly mechanical person).


My Dad loved it! Well made! A great display piece for the shelf and awesome that you can actually tinker with it! Great buy and a great price!


This is a very well constructed product. I liked the guarantee also: they will replace or refund you if it is not working. I will certainly buy other models.


This little engine is very well made, and is fascinating to watch. It heats up quickly, and a slight nudge on the flywheel sets it going at a high speed. I use mine as a teaching tool. If you place small neodymium magnets (alternating north and south upward) evenly on the flywheel and hold a coil of battery wire close to it, it will generate AC current, and in doing so, you will demonstrate all the energy transformations that happen in the typical fossil fuel electrical plant.

Even cooler, as you bring the coil closer to the flywheel, it will slow down, demonstrating that energy cannot be created, only transformed; the kinetic energy of the flywheel is being transformed to electrical energy, and therefore, the wheel must slow down as the kinetic energy is lost.

My only criticism is that the fuel container needs a better and longer-lasting wick ( This is cheap and easy to do). That isn't enough to make me want to give it less than five stars, however.