Toyan V8 Nitro Engine FS-V800 RC Engine Model Building Kits 28cc

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28cc Toyan&Howin V8 Nitro Engine FS-V800 

Over at Toyan Engine they have turned a lot of heads with their upcoming FS-V800 V-8 Nitro Engine. This beast was designed for 1/7th scale or larger applications, or can be used for custom builds like truck pullers or monster trucks.

Long Stroke

The cross crankshaft is the blueprint for the engine design, effectively providing higher torque. Customized flexible oil seal keeps sealing performance in high speed operation.

Mechanical Water Cooling Pump

The power of the pump, come from the crankshaft, provides circulation power for the coolant liquid, and then in conjunction with the cooling fan to strengthen the self-cooling performance.

Dual Synchronous Pulley

The timing structure of the dual synchronous pulley minimizes the risk of gear jumping in high speed operation.

Precise Carburetor

The engine is designed with the brand new carburetor with pump for astoundingly accurate adjustment and superior response sensitivity of the throttle and more stable operation to users.

Integrated Machining Crankshaft

Built with 90 degree cross crankshaft structure. the engine features smoother operation, increasingly sensitive acceleration response with the highest speed up to 12500 RPM.

Precise Rocker Arm

Independent Intake&Exhaust design more accurate valve switch Alloy rocker arm.

Integrated Exhaust Pipe

The small all-metal exhaust manifold provide the engine a more vigorous and powerful sound.


The lightweight structure of the engine enables impressive compatibility with RC models and greatly improved output ratio the unit power.

Frequently Asked Question

Blogs About Toyan V8

Best Toyan V8 Nitro Engine to Build in 2022 | Stirlingkit

Ahe V8 engine is one of the cylinder arrangements of the internal combustion engine. The 8 cylinders are divided into two groups, 4 in each group, arranged in a V-shape. Engines with this structure are more common in large automobile engines. Generally used in high-end vehicles.

As a matter of fact, Toyan has planed to produce a V8 engine model for a long time since the release of the Toyan V400 engine series in April 2019. FS-V800 is the result of TOYAN's long-term technical accumulation, and it is also regarded as a masterpiece launched in 2022 among Toyan engine series. And Stirlingkit Team received the desire from some customers to have a V8 engine in KIT version just like the previous FS-L400 engine kit. So we ask Toyan to make a DIY kit. That how it comes.

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Customer Reviews

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orlando morales
Awesome engine

🥇This is possibly your only chance to get an affordable working v8 model engine. Made out of machined parts. They are appropriate materials: aluminum and steel. Great for remote control hobbies, display, collection, model engine hobbies. Customers service great 👍🏿

Love it

A nicely packed kit love how the box is wood and everything is packed in black foam trays instructions are online but the contents are in plastic box’s. Like screw’s nuts and everything else needed to build it

Unboxing V800 first look

Just got the box yesterday, I love kit’s ! Like the L-400 parts come in a beautiful wooden box, layered in levels of parts for this engine build. First thing I looked for was how Toyan solved the 3 middle crankshaft bearings ! 3 split bronze bearings with a grove cut in the engine block and top bearing holder, should stabilize the crank well.
Everything are beautifully machined, like a pice of jewellery ! I will wait ( if I can) a while to start building to see how the blower are comming along, maybe also gas uppgrade ?
Love just looking at these parts, Thanks to Toyan !!!!

Michael Bolen
2 days

I put this engine together in 2 days, about 25 hours total time. The only problem is that it was missing 2-part # 79 brass hose connectors. I am still waiting on them so I can start the engine and run it. The instructions were very easy to fallow. Mike

William Dragun
Toyan v8

High quality machines parts. I enjoyed putting it together.My only negative is I still haven’t received the correct parts for gas operation.The cdi parts they sent were not the correct ones. I believe if you bought a nitro engine you would not have this problem.