10cc Whippet Model Engine Review l Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
10cc Whippet Model Engine Review l Stirlingkit

10cc Whippet Model Engine Review l Stirlingkit

My Whippet runs phenomenal. Such an amazing little engine.  Starts so easily and will idle slow and revs perfectly too. Lowest idle RPM I’ve achieved on my Whippet.  Digital tach says 2120 rpm.  It will idle at this rpm all the way through a tank of fuel & never miss a beat.
I really love this little engine.
Put 8 hours, 46 min on it, kinda love it.  
Removed the exhaust and the valve pocket is still clean.
I've been listening to it instead of music while working on cycle repairs haha 😂🎶
My Whippet has got some time on it now, since drilling the connecting rod’s bushing.
Stopwatch hit 6 hours of run time.
It continues to run better, idle lower and at a more stable RPM, and starts easier each time.

My Whippet putt-putting w’ hillbilly T-shirt “silencer” after connecting rod bushing modification.  
I’ve got an hour and a half since the mod, running great, and seems like I can get lower idle RPM’s since the modification.
It was easy to disassemble & drill the bushing 👍
Big thanks to Chris Rapmoz for letting us know. 🙏

The whippet is simply incredible. I knew it would be really nice, but wow… it’s built so well!  Such detailed machining, beautiful parts fit and finish unreal quality. The ignition looks great, too!

Your team has built yet another masterpiece of an engine.  I am beyond impressed.  Even the precision copper gaskets and the exhaust retainer plate impressed me.

-Chris was definitely correct when he said:
Mr. Westbury would be extremely proud of your Stirlingkit Whippet.

You and your Team have really advanced in the past couple of years, building some absolutely incredible engines & machines.

I can see Stirlingkit really growing & growing…. infinitely!

Again, I wanted to thank you for your work and dedication to Stirlingkit.  

-I can speak for everyone in saying this:

Without your company,  99% of us would not have ever had the chance to own such cool miniature engines.
The machinist-made engines that existed before Stirlingkit came along, were far too expensive for anyone to afford.  


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