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Who We Are

Welcome to Stirlingkit.com! We offer stirling engines, internal combustion engines, RC engines, steam engines, tesla coil,  engine model kits, and RC cars for modelers, collectors, teachers or simply those who are looking for a gift. Please don't hesitate to visit our website to start your journey into your micro engine model.

We work with 10 best engine factories team to produce different series of engines, like stirling engines, steam engines, 4 stroke RC engines, internal combustion engines etc.. CNC machines are widely used in our factories to control the operation of machine tools that cut, grind, drill, turn, mill, and/or shape it into parts that meet exact specifications. in this case, it ensures consistent product quality.

CNC Machine Working

we care engine quality.

Stirlingkit was born from a vision to provide affordable and high-quality micro engine models to those entering and experienced in the world of miniature engines.

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Direct to Consumer

It’s from our factory straight to your hands. This means all the savings of no middle person, fancy showrooms, and the works are passed on to you so you can focus on your craft and not worry about the cost of your tools.

A Love for Engines

We enjoy every aspect of micro engines. It doesn’t matter why you start an engine. Engine Art, customizations, industry work – we help our customers navigate it all with engine machines and tools that have gotten their direct input.

Advances and Innovation.

Our customers drive our brand, and we constantly work with them to make improvements to the equipment and tools that help them enjoy their craft. With advanced tech and enhanced quality, we’re here to help you too

Engine Power is a Thing.

Movement is Everything

All the engines are tested if they are running well before they are sent out from the factory. And our quality-control team will double check the engines in our warehouse and then pack them well in the package and then ship to you.

Our Vision

The engine is a lot like the brain of a car. It holds all the power necessary to help your car function. And without it, your car would be nothing. Because it gives them the feeling of being in control of something powerful. It is like the feeling that you get by lifting heavy weights, it makes you feel powerful. For some, it is the sheer amount of metal flying around, the fuel burning, the hot exhaust billowing from that exhaust manifold. The passion for engines inspires us to more and more quality micro engines. Customers smiling and compliments are the backbones of what we are dedicated to providing the best micro engines to the marking. Our vision is to bring many top-grade scale engines and build a close and active engine community where we share what we see, get, and think about engines.

The Stirlingkit Journey

The Stirlingkit story began in 2009 when our two co-founders decided to start their first business in a small workshop. Later they find out that there are a lot of people who have the same interests in engines and buy and support their business. So they decided to provide affordable, various quality scale engines to those who love and build the engines to choose. They cooperated with domestic factories to manufacture high-performance engines. They also work with Youtubers to establish a presence within the scale engine model community. After years of marketing and communicating with the engine hobbyists, we realized how important it was not just to manufacture quality engines. Instead, It was important for us to listen to those who need, use, and buy our products of what they want.

Youtubers Are Reviewing Stirlingkit

We have worked with almost 100 Youtubers to review our products, and give them a chance to create it in their own style and give their honest opinion – it will make the review genuine, authentic, and reliable. Some of Our engine unboxing videos have over 1 million video views. Some Youtubers even review our engines in an unusual way, like build People are inspired by the fantastic work from the YouTubers' video and begin their own engine projects .Enjoy your fun when the engine is running.


A passion for engine power is what drives us. By focusing on our team and those we serve, we build a strong and diverse micro engine community.


Our commitment to the people who use our engines inspires us to ensure that our products perform at the highest levels.


Through continuous improvement, we enhance the quality of our engine machines, helmets, accessories, and service.


We strive to redefine the standards by which we operate. That means more efficient, safer, and effective engines for our customers.


Even as an e-commerce brand, our goal is to truly deliver the best shopping experience with long-term value for our customers and us.


As a responsive, customer-focused brand consistently delivering value for money, we walk alongside and support our engine hobbyiests community.

#WHYENGINE – A diverse micro engine community

The people who use our engines give us inspiration to us every day.so, in order to provide the best scale engine model for engine lovers, Stirlingkit invites some ambassadors to share their stories to encourage others to find joy in starting an engine motor. We also try our best to lower the barriers for engine hobbyists to access scale models. we committed to building a strong and closed community, bringing thousands of professionals and hobbyists together from all walks of life and all skill levels.

That’s why we have such a diverse community - professionals, hobbyists, DIY Builders, artists, teenagers learning to start an engine for the first time, and everyone else who wants to rebuild and upgrade their engines and make some new building plans come true. We also aim to foster and inspire new generations of mechanic engine enthusiasts with our engaging and educational content as well as our support for community-based activities.

Therefore, Stirlingkit team begin to invite our community to share their engine stories and experiences on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,Tiktok, Stirlingkit community, and so on.

Learn More About Why We Engine.

Join the Stirlingkit Community

The stirlingkit family is a global community of professional and hobby enginers with a passion for the craft, and our community is at the heart of why we do what we do. Tag @stirlingkit for a chance to feature your passion engine projects and share your engine stories with the world.

Yours for the Making

All-Ages Affordable

We make it easier to own a model engine at an affordable price, for the young to the elderly. Learn how an engine works with your real user experience. From the online influencers to the workshop, you are sure to be inspired by the awesome engine projects that are shared every day.

Made By You

Instructables are created by you. No matter who you are, we all have secret engine craft skills to share. Come join our community of curious engine hobbyists, innovators, teachers, and lifelong learners who love to share what they modify their engine models.

A Happy Place

Making things makes people happy. We can't prove it, but we know it to be true. Find an engine here that makes you happy, and join one of the friendliest online engine communities anywhere.

You Make a Difference

"I want to thank you for your contribution to Stirlingkit community. I am incredibly grateful."

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Find Us in Local Engine Shows


we are proud to bring our exceptional model engines to life through hands-on experience at local hobby shows and model enthusiast events. Our booth setup allows attendees to not only witness the intricate details of our engines up close but also participate in interactive demonstrations. Visitors can feel the quality of our products.


Actively working with local enthusiast clubs and shops, we hope to provide enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to explore the intricacies of a model engine, from understanding the inner workings to fine-tuning the technology.