4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Toyan V8 FS-V800 Now | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Toyan V8 FS-V800 Now | Stirlingkit

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Toyan V8 FS-V800 Now | Stirlingkit

Dear Stirlingkit  customers,

Glad to tell you that Toyan V8 engine finnally releases and is on sale on stirlingkit.com now. In the past,  we have received a lot of desire that you want us to make a V8 engine. Have you still remember the v8 survey form you have filled out I sent before? In the survey, many great geniune suggestions are written to Stirlingkit team. For example, a customer wrote, why don't you make a good but affordable V8 engine? At the first sight of this question, I'm thinking, yes, why not? It's time for us to change. So I discuss this idea and negotiate with Toyan team for months. Luckily, Toyan told me he can do it if we can sign an exclusive agreement with him by ordering 700pcs in one time.  After negotiating it with our team, we still decide to make it. So that's how it comes.

To thanks again for your support, Stirlingkit team decides to 

1. Offer the lowest price than all the other V8 engine in the current market.

As we all know, Toyan v4 costs 1499.99usd. And some of the other international v8 engine costs more than 3000usd. But now only spend 1499.99usd after saving 300usd, you can get a 100% original Toyan V8 engine kits. Please note that this offer is only valid before 18th April, 2022. (the promo code is " Howin") If you order Toyan FS-V800 from April 19th, 2022 to April 31th, 2022, you can only use the 200usd off discount. After April, the price will rise too.

2. Offer 50% off deals for people who place the order before April 18th, 2022

Last time, I made a vote of which Toyan v8 accessories you want us to make in Stirlingkit Facebook group. Most of you vote that you much more interested in super charger, clutch, base and the gasoline modified kit and exhaust. Therefore, we decide to offer an exclusive 50% off discount for these referred parts if you want to buy them in  the future. Only VIP discount is only provided to those who buy Toyan v8 engine before April 18th, 2022. Thanks again for your understanding. Want to know the price of Toyan v8 accessories? I guess the base and clutch costs no more than 50usd, and the super charger, pipe and modified kit are more than 100usd. Just guessing . I'm not sure because the Toyan factory hasn't told me the final price. I will let you know of it at once when they are available. One thing i can confirm is that the earlies you buy this Toyan v8 engine, the more benefits you can get.

3. Give a mini V8 keychain away for you

We have sold mini V8 keychain for months. Some of you told me that why not send it to our old customers directly to thanks for their support. So that's it. Stirlingkit decides to provide a golden v8 keychain for the first 200 people who order Toyan FS-V800.

4. Send your order first

We produce the engine as the same as the quantity you have ordered. So we will ship all the pre-order first. And if you find any problems on this V8 engine, Stirlingkit team will send you a new engine for replacement immediately.

Enjoy the deals and get your Toyan v8 engine here

 Any Other problems, pls let me know. My email is service@stirlingkit.com


 Stirlingkit team

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