All-metal Pedestrian Robot Assembled Model Kit--Stirling - Stirlingkit
All-metal Pedestrian Robot Assembled Model Kit--Stirling

All-metal Pedestrian Robot Assembled Model Kit--Stirling

.Origin of the story: "Pedestrians" origin: human-like bipedal walking is the most difficult walking action in
the biological world, but its walking performance is indeed unmatched by other walking structures. It is not
easy to develop a walking robot, and it is not easy to shoot the camera. All of them are high-order, non-
linear, non-holonomically constrained multi-degree-of-freedom systems that are killed by engineering. After
the pedestrian and app smart control, the user can easily control his walking trajectory
.Product material and workmanship: The product uses metal material, CNC casting precision casting,
aluminum alloy oxidation coloring, collection of craftsmanship level exquisite workmanship, 67 parts are all
polished by professional grinding tools, perfect interpretation of human wisdom in the era of big industry
create and yearning
.Vision: The mechanical mechanism is extremely presented, and the clear transmission process is clear at a
glance, and the mechanical beauty of the logic and strength is displayed
.Reducing degree: Based on historical classic inventions and products, it presents the core principle of
machine operation and intuitively displays the core value of the machine.The product design is inspired by
the representative node-like classic works in the history of human industrial science and
technology,modeled, highly restored
.Scalability: Each product has its own independent function and structure, and the product can be upgraded,
combined and converted into a power system through a specified kit or DIY modification
.Assembly fun: the original product requires the user to assemble the parts and components.The whole
process is close to the professional assembly line process. After assembly, it takes more than 1 hour, and the

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