Congratulation!!! TOYAN FS-L200 Two-cylinder RC Engine Officially Released

Congratulation!!! TOYAN FS-L200 Two-cylinder RC Engine Officially Released

Congratulation!!! TOYAN FS-L200 Two-cylinder RC Engine Officially Released


Toyan has earned his fame in studying and producing the 3.5cc displacement micro-internal combustion engine in the past 5 years.  In 2020, he will launch a newly developed FS-Lxxx series. The FS-L200 is now the first officially released engine in this year. The FS-L200 designer adds the red color to the engine, which looks more active and powerful. It's designed for the RC model in particular. The whole machine is made of  2000 aluminum alloy CNC, which is more stable under high temperature circumstance. And the compact and lightweight structure and multi-modular design provide better guarantee for subsequent upgrade and expansion.

1. High Simulation Appearance (99%)

2. Long Stroke Design to  Provide Higher Torque

3. Adopts Asynchronous Crankshaft Structure 
This structure gets the smoother operation and sensitive acceleration response. And the maximum speed is 16000 rpm.

4. Short Rocker Arm Design
It makes the valve switch more accurate.

5. The New Carburetor Design + Dual Carburetor

the new design allows professional RC players to have more versatile engine adjustments, making the engine more stable and the throttle response more sensitive.

6. Adopt Customized Flexible Oil Seal

The new oil sea comprehensively solves the bearing oil leakage, and has the ability to carry higher speed.

7. Large Gear Ratio Start Pulley + High Torque Brushless Motor

this pulley works great with the motor, which makes the start more comfortable.

8. Apply the Two Synchronous Belt Pulley Structure

It greatly reduces the risk of high-speed running gear jumping.

9. Lightweight Structure 

It can be better compatible with RC model, which improves the unit power output ratio.

10. Longer Crankshaft Design

it also can be matched with front/reverse gearbox and is a perfect choice for assembly the RC model.

11. Dimensions ( mm)



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