Engine Owner Story | My Story with Hit & Miss Engine | Stirlingkit

Engine Owner Story | My Story with Hit & Miss Engine | Stirlingkit

Engine Owner Story | My Story with Hit & Miss Engine | Stirlingkit

Step into the captivating world of vintage machinery, where the distinctive chug and rhythmic heartbeat of a Hit & Miss engine transport you to a bygone era. Share the remarkable stories behind your cherished Hit & Miss engines, uncovering the memories, restoration journeys, and the profound connection these magnificent machines bring.

An old friend from Germany shares his story, "in a small workshop nestled in the countryside, my Hit & Miss engine patiently rests, its weathered exterior bearing witness to years gone by. It was handed down to me by my father, who acquired it from his father before him. With each chug and sputter, it tells a story—a story of hard work, resilience, and a simpler way of life.

As a child, I would sit beside my father, captivated by the engine's rhythmic melody. It became our bond, a shared passion that transcended generations. Together, we would tinker and restore, cherishing every moment spent breathing life back into this mechanical masterpiece.

Now, as I stand before the engine, memories flood my mind. I see the faces of those who came before me, their dedication and love etched into every bolt and gear. The engine is more than a machine; it's a vessel of family history, a symbol of the values we hold dear."

If you have a different story with Hit & Miss engine, you can write a comment in the comment section. Friends whose comment is selected will receive a $50 gift card from Stirlingkit. If you have any questions, please contact us: at service@stirlingkit.com


Content requirements:

1. Text and video forms are both allowed for content.

2. You can email a tale to our official mailbox, along with any accompanying images.

3. You can give us the video you shot; there is no time limit.

4. You can also write a remark in the Facebook event post's comment section.

Participants: Anyone is welcome to take part, but the story must be true.


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  • john simon: February 16, 2024

    Sterling Kit has once again let me down. I just recieved another Hit and Miss retrol engine, and once again, the package did not contain a cdi unit or spark plug. THIS IS MY SECOND ATTEMPT TO TRY AND BUILD ONE BUT ONCE AGAIN, IT IS MISSING PARTS. Now how long do I have to wait this time for the CDI and spark plug
    John Simon, very dissatisfied.

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