Enjomor GS-V8 Gasoline Engine Full Review by Dennis Dempsey | Stirlingkit

Enjomor GS-V8 Gasoline Engine Full Review by Dennis Dempsey | Stirlingkit

Enjomor GS-V8 Gasoline Engine Full Review by Dennis Dempsey | Stirlingkit

Enjomor GS-V8 Gasoline Engine

Full Review by Dennis Dempsey | Stirlingkit


Let’s take a close look at together inside and out of the Enjomor V8 to see all the great features this pre-production engine has to offer! It’s 78cc, 2 compression rings with an oil ring per piston, air gap intake manifold, twin carbs, high-quality CDI ignition system, true fully adjustable roller rocker valve train, heavy duty valve springs, high volume oil, and water pumps, I spent over 50 hrs on this engine with just under 8 hrs of live running time to test the durability only stopping to refuel and check the oil capacity and it is still ready for the next run test!



Today we are gonna look at something special. Let's unveil it now, so I want to thank stirlingkit.com and Enjomor engines for producing such a beautiful specimen. This thing is just amazing. I spent over 50 hours on this thing this week just playing with it, testing it, tearing it apart looking inside it.


It has fully true adjustable rocker arms, and a complete fully wet-up oiling system that runs up and comes through the valve covers here. These two little holes here, and actually, it individually oils every rocker arm as it rolls down go down the chutes there are holes in the head for blow-by to keep the engine pressure down. And when you look at the little oil cap here, there's one on each valve cover. They have a little vent in there to keep the internal pressures from coming too large. It has an awesome external water pp here that puts out some serious vole. twin carbs run on gas, you put your oil in here, you got your gas there and you put antifreeze in it, just like a real engine.


This is probably one of the best engines I have ever seen in my life. This brought the hobby engine category to a whole new level. I mean just a whole new level. We've had nitro engines all our lives, all this stuff then we are limited to certain gas engines out there.



It's got huge runners inside this thing massive and it's the best of the best. I am telling you I have never seen anything like this in my life and I was blessed with the chance to test this engine and rip it apart and then give you guys my view on this engine and I will put it this way.


Buy one, buy one, because this is definitely on my list. This is an engineering mule, a test mule. This engine here has been tested and it was sent to me to be tested again. And I fire it up and it fires up every single time. It is just like smooth silk. It's just amazing. There's nothing on this engine that I do not like. NOTHING!


It's just totally everything has been thought through three times before it was made and it's a work of art is what it is and I fell in love with this thing as soon as it's fired up and then I got a chance to tear it down and actually look at it and it's just it's serviceable.


It's just a no-brainer, it's a win-win with this engine. So Enjomor, thank you. I will take my hat off you. Stirlingkit, thank you for your beliefs and my engineering tactics. I am going to put it down on the 78 and it revs like bang bang bang when you crack the throttle.



Let's see the ship revs right now and it breathes very well from the intake manifold if you see it's got like the air gap intake manifold in here that keeps the air cool, the gasoline cool. And it comes into these really nice well-tuned exhaust manifolds lie this thing breathes very well with just these log manifolds and these remind me of the old Chrysler Hemi’s and big block Chevy’s. Those things put out some massive horsepower with just manifolds.


All you gotta do is add high-quality fuel gasoline I would do premium. you put in your oil and the oil I ran was the race oil for it has a high zinc content in it because I did not want to harm the engine because this has to go back to those guys but the thing is when you put the oil in it the oil comes through the pan through this filter down here, then back into the pump up the block, you see these little veins that they put in the block there and you see these set screws here on the valve covers it pumps the oil up here through this sprays on each individual rocker arm and then there are return holes top and bottom that bring the oil back down and it the vortex of the crankshaft just sucks it up and the rod design in this was very unique. I looked at it and it was a really good idea every other rod you have staggered rods in this thing. Every other one has a fork rod and then there's a single rod that goes in between the forks and it keeps everything balanced, like in place.


It's just awesome we will put it that way. it's got a brush to starter system on the thing so bang you hit that thing it starts right now and it just comes to life and wants to go.  So I highly suggest all the engines that are out there if you have a chance to get one of these. get one. I am just blown away. I don't know what to say. it's beautiful, it's like it's probably one of the most beautiful RC engines I have ever seen in my life. You can use that as a display and you can put it in a quarter-scale car. it has a nice little air cleaner on the top here with a filter inside it and if you look at the front, it's got these massive teeth on these belts here. they are not the little two-millimeter belts that we've been used to before with that strip out. These are serious businesses here. This thing fires up and it runs and it stays in tune, you're gonna see a lot more of these on my channel. They are not a seat of the pants built.  There was so much engineering that went into this engine and when you see something like this, the final product is going to be top-notch so put this on your list guys, I guarantee you won't be disappointed, you won’t.  



Before we get into the internals of the engine, I did a lot of math there the last couple of days on this engine, now I mentioned it was a 78cc engine. When you break down 78 cc's into cubic inches, it comes up to 4.75985, so this is really a 4.76 cubic inch engine. that's pretty huge. that's awesome. I like this already. now they have three different categories and an engineering standard for your small engine and they rate them into three different categories motorcycle chainsaw and industrial now. Motorcycles we know most of those are two-stroke, a lot of four strokes out there chainsaws.


Most of those are two strokes they didn't really have a like a weed whacker category and the industrial engine we know that just runs at a constant rpm it's like a pump engine or it's a working engine that's all it does they run generators and what not.


Let me see horsepower would be 6 to 10 horsepower and then they do have a category that's 8 to 13 horsepower for a motorcycle. the chainsaw is 6 to 7 horsepower, but it also goes up to 11 to 14. Now the industrial pump engine is only 5.2 horsepower across the board and this has twin overhead cams. it has roller rockers, it has a complete oiling system inside, it has twin carbs it runs on premium gas. it's like a race engine that was just offered to us here. it has a complete really nice CDI ignition system that runs on 12 volts it runs off this little unit right here and the distributor cap the wires just the quality of the distributor is amazing and I will put a picture right now of the parts that are involved in this that I got to tear down and look at. I would like to thank Stirlingkit and Enjomor guangsu v8 engines for the V8-G52 version.


This is a test engine, this engine has been tested several times everywhere.  My view of this engine is amazing. I am thinking it's around 10 horsepower on the averages of all the engineering specs that they have out there. I have no way to test the horsepower or the torque range on this, but the quality is just amazing, now I have run this engine it was well engineered. we got a water pump out here which is away from the engine, so it brings the water or antifreeze through the engine, through the pump, and then back to here now, this thing only got lukewarm.


And I put a lot of time into running this thing, it's an engineering marvel. I have looked at this engine several times and it just blows me away with the quality. The thinking they put into this engine was it just hats off the engine or engines and thank you stirlingkit again for letting me test this engine and bring such a beautiful specimen to my subscribers. I mean everybody in the world needs to see this engine. It's just a work of art, so anyways let's get to the pictures now and I will show you the valve train. And I already went through how it oiled itself and comes up here down spins in the vortex. it does not have an oiling problem whatsoever the crankshaft is five mains on the crankshaft. that's really supported strongly the camshafts on this thing roll through. they got spacers on them they got fully adjustable. Rocker arms are fully adjustable. Everything on this engine is fully maintainable right down to your oil filter. I imagine they are going to probably have a filter for this thing to change it out.


Let's look at the pictures guys, that's all I can say. I will put some footnotes down there on the pictures to kind of explain what's going on through each photograph and let me know what you think. put your questions and comments down below because if you contact tirlingkit and work with them, let them know what you think of this engine because I guarantee you will not be disappointed. you will love this.



Does this thing remind you of something? I have seen this engine around and it's very similar to the Motorsports VK56 or the BK56.


So once I saw that I started doing a bunch of research and had to put the grandpa glasses on here and totally look into what's going on here like I am staring at this engine I have ripped it apart. I have spent more time with this engine than I probably spent with old girlfriends but this is my love, so anyways let's get into what's going on with what how I have it set up I put it on a mirror today, a mirrored piece of plexiglass right because I wanted to show everybody that there is none oil splatter out of this engine. So if you put it in your RC car, your quarter scale, your rig, whatever, you're going to have a nice clean format there. You're not gonna have to like wipe it down like all the nitro engines as those things bleed like crazy, so I did a lot of research on this thing. I have got eight hours and 40 minutes of actual run time on this engine and it's like I have no complaints.


What engine can you do that with? I did a lot of adjustments on the engine and being that I saw that this was the VK56 engine those rev like no tomorrow and I looked at it and I was like what it's almost all there except for they got a chain drive upfront. They got a fuel injection system on top this has a couple of carbs, so it's gonna bring the revs down a little bit with the carburetors. so I played with the hull sensor today and I realized that if you move it inward because of the distributor itself back here. there is a ring with eight magnets. If you put it on just the inside of the ring it advances the timing. If you pull it on center, it's top dead center. if you bring it out further, it retards the timing. Because what I am going here right supercharge when you supercharge something you have to the timing is really bad.


So anyways I readjusted the roller rockers on this thing to one and a half to two thousand because that's what the Aussie V8, the Conley V8, their roller rockers are one and a half to two thousand and I was really surprised I picked up a lot of rpm out of this thing and sometimes just so simple. pay attention, do your thing, and do your math. this thing has major potential with a couple of minor tweaks that you can do yourself and that I can try to help you do them. this engine was given to me to test, and do a lot of R&D because that's what I used to do in my life, unfortunately, we had a year to do it I only have one month, so I took one month and right now I am on week three. I have probably spent more time with this thing than I probably should have, but I have learned a lot about this thing and I realized something that this is going to be. This is the one right here if you have a quarter-scale car you want to put it up as a display to impress your buddies.


This will be the one if you want to make a blender, remember the two-stroke blenders. This is the engine if you want to be the man you're going to put this on your blender I am telling you because I am going to make one. I have gone through a lot of things in this engine before and I will touch base again with the oiling system it has a wet sump pulling system that comes up these tubes here right into the valve covers and it pulls it down. This engine does not have an oiling problem whatsoever it's great, the compression on this engine is really high.

They gave me a speed controller for 48 volts to start this thing, however, I turned it down to 14.4 because I wanted to see what the minimum and the maximum were and it starts off at 14.8 volts with an adm speed controller. it has an oil filter here which like they really need to gear up right now and start getting filters for these things because this has been seriously probably the most reliable engine I have tested in a long time. And it revs, it pulls down it does not stall it does not ever stall. it's amazing.


It is something that you should watch, now these are going on sale next month sometime in September at stirlingkit.com. go there, check it out email them contact them, and ask them if you want one. this engine is not for everybody it's not okay if you don't have the seat of the pants skilled tune up your own car or maintain your lawnmower, this is not the engine for you. if you know what RC is all about, it's all about guys who grew up from the dirt. we are a brotherhood of people that come up together and when something like this comes into your life, embrace it. Because I have been in the RC hobby for years and years right I think what 1981. that was my first RC hobby and I have watched it evolve all through the years when something like this comes into your life, buy one because you’ll regret it if you don't.


I have to give them a report on this thing, we need some kind of a gearbox and a clutch back here to connect it to something cool whether it's a blender or petrol sharpener. Conley did that one, you got a v10 pencil sharpener like 13 grand.


I foresee this thing being something that everybody can afford for their hobby, so I filled this thing up three-quarters of the way this fuel tank with just straight 95 octanes and it has a full oiling system down here. there's no pre-mix if you don't want it, I ran a pre-mix at first, I ran trufield to this thing because I didn't know what I was going to expect and then I realized it ran a lot better with just regular gasoline. 20 minutes of runtime this thing is seriously only dropped out about a third of the tank, so the fuel efficiency is pretty good here and it runs off a simple CDI box and the hall sensor and gas, so there's no nitro there's what's that now 55 a gallon for a good gallon of nitro, so right now you can run your lawnmower your weedbacker and then you can play with.



Let’s look at the size of the latest V8 Engines out there, Aussie Enjomor and the Toyan V8 engines!



The Enjomor Guangsu V8 version, Nismo engine and the Aussie V8, so we are going to do a size comparison. Look at them and you see what they are small block, big blocky. Aussie V8 has been around for years and it's a very good engine. it makes some good power on nitro. Here is a new Enjomor, Nesmo-looking version of the engine, because I did a lot of research on this, I tried to figure it out and they started with the firing order on the thing and once I got the firing order down, then I started searching in plug heads and all this stuff and twenty overhead cams and I come up with Nesmo VK 56. But like I say there we will go over them right now and we are going to throw in the Toyan V8 too.


Enjomor is a lot bulkier, broader, and cleaner running, these two are nitro ones. I wanted to convert Aussie one to gasoline, but it was a lot of work to come up with gearing, the belts, the distributors, and I actually bought two of the engine four-cylinder distributors that were actually half of this Enjomor here for this to come up with two different CDI units and all that for the Aussie V8, but the Aussie V8 it runs on nitro and it's a little messy but man does it turn on. As you can see, small( Toyan ), bigger( Aussie ), biggest( Enjomor )




I have had a lot of quarter-scale cars in my day and I have seen the Aussie engines just don't quite fill the engine compartment like I would like them to. I believe that when you open the hood the engine should be the main attraction, but they are very comparable in size. we will turn this around this way like I say Enjomor is wider and bulkier, and Aussie's smaller but yet taller,so hope this guys gives you the answers you're looking for there.



Aussie one here I have played with this engine for hours and hours and hours, I just love it. and now that this here I got a new girlfriend in my life I am gonna play with both of these. it's going to be pretty cool there and my Toyan V8 here is going to go into a project that I have already got started and I have got some rpm on this I got almost 12 000 rpm out of this engine and I think this is going to be a really good engine.  If you would prefer V8 engine model kit, we have Toyan v8 engine.




But for the sizes, the shapes, the powers, it's really not known, at least I don't know maybe you guys out there know what the horsepower is with the supercharged version of the Aussie V8 because Enjomor here has no replacement for displacement. Enjomor V8 is the mama, it's the big block, while Aussie V8 is the small block.


So as you can see, it's typical with a size big block to small block, as far as the height goes, they are probably the same height because these are both on pedestals that I had Enjomor V8 here came with the pedestals and Aussie V8 here I made so I could test from this engine.


The RC V8s are everywhere, they are they know these are good engines. they are good engines and the harder you beat on them the more maintenance they need, but Aussie V8 has four roller rockers, it's got the newly updated heads on the thing and it's got the supercharger on it. this one actually surges when it idles it would be cool to take this massive 671 and put on Enjomor V8 because it looks like there could be an adapter plate in my future and the only other problem I would say would be hooking up a belt drive to Enjomor V8 so I will probably have to get a longer belt for this down here to run the oil pump the water pump and the supercharger at the same time which is pretty dangerous because once you lose that belt. I have lost a couple of these you see Aussie V8's belt is a lot thinner because I just got online I ordered a belt and at the time it was during the lockdown and I couldn't really get anything from Australia, but this belt's hung on pretty good for as thin as it is.


Close detail look at the Enjomor V8!!



I am going to give you a super up-close look at the new Enjomor V8-G52  engine. I am going to put it on my little rotisserie thing there and let you guys see what it's all about. I will try to explain things as I go through so I got to send this thing back soon. 


First of all, this is the Metallica of engines. this thing is the bomb and rocks. I am telling you there are no apologies for this engine whatsoever. so we got these big tooth belts. We got timing marks on all the camshafts so you can set the timing on it. We got your idler pulleys, which are very high quality actually because I was surprised, and a lot of guys like a tensioner or something to help them out. These things have never slipped, never done anything.


Now down here we got our crankshaft pulley that runs off this little two-millimeter belt. It's not the big chunky ones like this here but it only runs the oil pump and the water pump up here. Let me get a close-up on that there, we go we got the oil pump down here, the water pump here. Now you guys are going to say hey it was the hoses were leaking, they did because when I had put the hoses on here I used a pair of needle nose pliers and poked a hole in one of them, so in one of my videos you'll see this thing leaking all over the place that was my bed. I fixed it, no big deal.


But now we are getting into the cooling system, it runs through the engine block right and there are two outlets in the front and there are two outlets in the back underneath the intake manifold here. you can choose to have your coolant flow whichever way you want. It doesn't matter as long as it keeps it cool and it keeps it pumping because this pump puts out some serious vole. We are going to go through the oiling system here, we start here and work our way forward or up or whatever. it gets sucked out of the oil pan back here into the filter, into the pump, goes through the pump it runs up these two vanes here on each side of the engine block, right underneath your valve cover. There's a cavity inside the head and the valve cover that fills up with oil that runs down each top and bottom of your valve cover and lubricates each and every one of the roller rocker arms on top and bottom and the return holes is top and bottom. It's cool because this engine has taken everything that I have thrown at, this is the Godzilla of the new engines out there. This is the future quarter scale right here. Once the oil returns down, it gets sucked into this vortex of the crankshaft running when it just throws the oil and it throws it back up this side back down, and backs up this side back down. it's very well engineered, I like that. I have tried to wound this engine and it refuses.


Now down on the bottom on the other side here we got our starter unit here, which is a 900 KV pressure starter and has never failed me. We have a sight glass for our oil, which probably a dipstick would be cool too to have. On the oil pan itself down low down here, we have a little plug for a drain with a rubber plug in it, which I would probably put just a regular bolt in there. it looks like they've got 12 10 or 12-millimeter thread there. On the top of our valve covers on each side, you can add oil. It doesn't matter which side you add oil on because it all goes down to the same place. but they do have two PCV positive crankcase ventilation holes on each side of these plugs to help vent the engine.


And now we get to the top we got our air gap intake manifold here you see I got a little silicone here because I was playing with vacuum leaks I was I played, I tried everything I could to stable this engine and it just didn't want to hear it this thing just kept running. I have had this engine apart six times, I put it back together with pretty much all the same gaskets six times and it starts up every single time, so the reliability is there.  I am telling you it is there now the spark plugs are in the head.these are just silicone tubes with wires that come down and the spark plugs are in the head like a Hemi or I think it's the VK 56 Nesmo engine or the Enjomor V8-GS engine.we get to the top up here we've got some really high-quality Heims joints, here on our carburetors, which are very synchronized. these things ain't going to go out of whack whatsoever you got two adjustments you can do either or I use the front one because it's easier and on the other side of the carburetors here. I had used the returns here you'll see in my introduction video I have a couple of hoses here and I was going to turn these up and run these through the bottom of the air cleaner I was going to run them through the bottom here with a little return tube that would shoot down in each one and just give it a couple of thumb shots and you can start it because every carbureted engine needs a choke of some kind. but so far, I would start without the air cleaner because it wasn't I wasn't running it on dirt and nothing like that.  But down the road, I have a big future with this engine.Now we are gonna get to the CDI unit. This thing has a high-quality CDI distributor and cap, which is amazing because every other one I have seen out there has always been junk, but it takes everything that I throw at it. I was playing with the hall sensor you'll see a little line here with a pen where I move this thing in and out to bring it forward and the timing on the thing and I kind of blew out a couple of hull sensors because of my big thumbs but they are easily replaceable.  You can just put them back in this extension cable and I use a little heat shrink on them.  You can buy the hull sensors online. When this engine comes out, I will start upgrading like information on the hull sensors and everything else through Stirlingkit.com. 


On the back of the flywheel here, you'll see you have a big plate here. It runs down with the starter and everything else right, now they plan on making a transmission housing that will adapt a clutch to this, so that the first thing they are going to do is make this thing adapt the wool for a clutch and then the transmission housing will be next. Don't complain, guys, I am telling you because like seriously two years ago this was not even heard of this was a dream that we all had. The only engines we had out there in quarter scale were very limited and this is a gasoline-powered CDI ignition oil pan that lubricates it and brushes the starter system. It's so reliable like I can rev this thing till no tomorrow and it comes right back down to an idle, so if you put this in a quarter scale car or you have a desktop display you're going to impress your friends because you're not going to be walking across a parking lot 300 yards away trying to restart the thing because it's stalled. it does not stall and so now on the back here they got these little collars on here for your camshafts and all this stuff there is a very little bit of seepage here.  


I can't complain about that because this is the cleanest engine I have ever run in my life. Even my weed blacker engine is dirtier than this engine, this thing is very clean and I have no complaints about it. It's just a very well-engineered work of art and we will just go real slow around so you can see your oil filters, water pump, oil pump, and belts.  Now all these things from what I contacted them with are going to be serviceable parts, so we will be able to totally service this engine and everything else is simply adjustable.  The intake manifold itself like I said it's got the air gap going on here I might try to make a spacer on mine.


It's a sad day for me because this is like me and this girl are breaking up this week and she has to go back to get torn down tested, and measured for wear,  so we will see how much wear I put on it because I have over nine hours of run time on this engine myself and I don't know how many hours it was on it before I got it and nine hours is pretty. It's pretty impressive for an engine like I know I bought weed backers. Don't last nine hours so anyways guys there's a big future here on a quarter scale like I said get your name on one. I got my name on one for pre-order already and there's gonna be probably a lot of upgrades of this engine down the road that I think a lot of companies are going to wake up and see something wicked cool here and not like it needs many it does not need hardly any if an engineer wants to come up with a supercharger like a 671 that would enhance the beauty of this engine it's got three rings per piston, so we got two compressions one oil it does not smoke.  It's a very clean engine if you look here. I put this on a mirror for a reason, if you look down here there's a mirror, underneath this thing. now I have tested this engine on this mirror for probably four hours and what do I get my fingerprint smudges, that is it. I got a little seepies down here because when I tore it down, again and again, I never resealed the oil pan so this is just a little seepage which is normal.


I love this thing and thank you Enjomor and thank you Stirlingkit.com for bringing such a beautiful RC engine or desktop engine, or moped engine to everybody out there, like you guys are going to see a lot more of these on my channel.


Enjomor  team is planning to produce this v8 engine model. Consider the costs problem, they need to produce at least 20pcs, otherwise there is no Enjomor v8 this year. If you want to book it in advance now, please contact service@stirlingkit.com

Why We Need Your Help?

All our engines take months of designing, trying out various mechanical linkages and parts, and then building prototypes to perfect. Just like previous development of engines, it takes numerous design iterations to get to our final working prototype. We could start producing a small batch tomorrow and within a few weeks have a small number of engines built, but small batch runs are inherently expensive. Why is a small batch run expensive? All the parts will be machined on our own lathes and milling machines at our workshop. But the CNC machines first need to be programmed and set to run a batch of parts; usually taking hours for each component. CNC machines are not cheap, and it is industry standard to bill the setup time across the batch of parts. e.g. If the setup cost for the part is $8,000 and you make 10 parts, then those parts would cost $800 + plus the raw material + the time to machine. But if 1000 parts were made the cost would drop to $8 per part + the raw material + the time to machine.

Tooling cost is a large cost. We need to design and machine tooling so our CNC machines can hold the raw material security and allow for quick, efficient machining. Designing the tooling carefully and making many parts at one time optimizes production, meaning the machine can produce more parts faster. This reduces costs considerably. Making a good size batch also means we can save on the material cost by buying in bulk. It won’t be a huge saving but it all helps. By increasing the batch size and optimizing tooling for more efficient machining we can attain in excess of a 60% reduction in production costs. So in summary we need your help to make tooling for all the components, and to spend the time programming the CNC machines to make the components in the most efficient way.


  • Heather : March 15, 2024

    I am actually looking for a small scale v8 4 bolt main engine that i can put on a bikr project …. do these exist?

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    Hi, I’ve been watching your videos and I am very interested. I am an engineer of back in the day. I did a lot of work with direct injected engines. Please contact me.

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    i am having a hard time with commications on shipping on engines that are said to be in stock

  • Greg Stevens: September 15, 2022

    I really want to buy the V8-G52 engine! Please tell me how to I can buy one. Thank you, Greg

  • Greg Stevens: September 15, 2022

    Yes I want to buy a V8-G52 engine please! Please tell me when I can purchase one. Thank you, Greg

  • André Bollinger: September 15, 2022

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    yes man i want one of these Enjomor V8-G52 engine, thanks terry
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