Enjomor V12: Best V12 Performance Model Engine Ever Made | Stirlingkit

Enjomor V12: Best V12 Performance Model Engine Ever Made | Stirlingkit

Enjomor V12: Best V12 Performance Model Engine Ever Made | Stirlingkit
If you're in the market for an exceptional engine for your model car, boat, tank, or DIY project, GS-V12 V12 Engine from Enjomor stands out as the clear choice.  Enjomor has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in micro-engine models. Facing a pivotal moment, the team considered whether to continue with the V6 engines or make a bold switch to the V12 route. This decision reflects their commitment to delivering the best possible experience for model engine enthusiasts to provide one of the best high-performance miniature v12 engines ever.


Parameter Enjomor V12 Other V12
transmission four-speed integrated transmission with reverse clutch and variable speed 4 speed / 6 shifts sequential gearbox and a diaphragm clutch
Valve Mechanism Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC), 48 Valves Single Over Head Camshaft (SOHC), 24 Valves
Fuel 95# / 98# Pure Gasoline Gasoline
Stroke 18mm 18mm
Bore 20mm 16.68mm
Compression Ratio 1/12 1/9.5
Displacement 72 CC 49.89 CC
Rev Speed 10,000 rpm 3500~9000 rpm
Cooling Water Cooling, Side-Mounted Pump Water Cooling & Dry Sleeve, Gear Water Pump
Lubrication Independent Lubrication System Splash Oiling with oil passage (Reserved for upgrade)
Starter 3548 Brushless Starter Motor Brushed Start Motor
Piston Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Ring Types Three piston rings (gas ring, conical ring, oil ring), 32-process oil ring Dual Ring(1 × Ductile Ring & 1 × Fluorine Rubber Ring)
Firing Order 1-12-5-8-3-10-6-7-2-11-4-9 1-9-4-11-2-7-6-10-3-8-5-12
Crankshaft & Camshaft CNC integrated crankshaft, full crankshaft support, five-point support in the middle section, and bearing support at both ends One-Piece, Alloy Steel, Fully Supported
Carburettor Rotary large diameter carburetor Big Dint
Additional Features/Notes CNC aluminum shell, Realistic sound reproduction, High simulation appearance, Transparent oil well cover, High compression force in the cylinder Reserved ports for upgrading to independent lubrication, Radio interference (solution: Faraday cage)
Maximum Power 3.8 kW Not specified
Weight 8 kg 4 kg
Dimensions 235(L) x 140 (W)x 230 (H) mm 203 (L) x 122 (W) x 122 (H) mm


9 Exclusive Features that Makes Enjomor v12 the best choice

1. V12 Design for Superior Power:

   - Representing an ambitious engineering feat, the large scale V12 engine GS-V12 boasts a 12-cylinder four-stroke V-shaped design. Equipped with dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and featuring advanced technology, each cylinder has 4 valves to enhance airflow efficiency. Enjomor V12 GS-V12 Engine offers a higher number of valves compared to another v12 engine. This design contributes to superior power and performance, providing enthusiasts with an unmatched experience.

2. Advanced Technology – Dual Overhead Camshafts (DOHC) and 4 Valves per Cylinder:
   - Enjomor V12 GS-V12 Engine incorporates advanced technology with dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder. This design enhances airflow efficiency, resulting in better performance.

3. Brushless Motor for Effortless Startup:
   - Enjomor V12 GS-V12 Engine is equipped with a brushless motor, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free startup process.

4. Efficient Pure Gasoline Fuel Operation:
   - Enjomor V12 GS-V12 Engine operates efficiently on pure gasoline fuel with an octane rating of 92 or above. This fuel choice enhances overall performance.

5. Water Cooling System for Extended Operation:
   - Enjomor V12 GS-V12 Engine employs a water cooling system, extending its running time and improving overall machine life. This design allows the engine to operate continuously for extended periods without the risk of overheating or damage. Enjomor's commitment to efficiency and stability makes the V12 engine ideal for various application scenarios.

6. High-Performance Features:
   - With three rings on each piston, including two gas rings and one oil ring, Enjomor v12 ensures optimal cylinder sealing and lubrication. This results in a high level of performance, making it a top choice for those seeking extraordinary power in a miniature engine.

7. Ignition

Enjomor v12 introduces an advanced ignition system, combining CDI with precise distributor control, a universal high-frequency yellow box CDI igniter with strong adaptability. If you have one at home, you don’t need to buy an ignition CDI to match a new distributor. This dynamic pairing ensures rapid and flawless startups, setting a new standard for precision in miniature engines. Actually, Enjomor team is also considering making new ignition solutions and considering advancements beyond CDI, instead of using the MCU way.

8. Distributor:

Enjomor will use a new distributor, which is different from that of the prototype shown in the video of Johnny q90. It uses two advance angle adjustable distributors. so in this case, it'll be easier for beginners to adjust the ignition angle. I will post more pictures the next week.

We found that the distributor previously used on Enjomor v8 was not very friendly to novice users. Generally speaking, after receiving the engine, you need to debug the distributor first. Then you need to adjust the ignition angle before plugging in the wires, and then adjust the distributor. But if you plug in the wires first and then adjust the distributor, it will cause the distributor to need to be readjusted. So this time Enjomor v12 was directly changed to an adjustable distributor. In addition, please note that when wiring, many people easily connect all the air inlets and then insert them into the fuel tank. In this case, it is easy to prevent oil from being sucked in. So we will add a clearer wiring diagram in the future, so that this problem can be avoided.

9. Transmission

Enjomor v12 engine uses the four-speed integrated transmission with reverse clutch and variable speed. It is expected to use CNC and 3D printing as the main processes and will be exposed in April next year, so stay tuned.

Ready to experience the technological marvel of Enjomor V12? Visit Stirlingkit now and be part of the journey toward high-performance and realistic model engines!


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