How to Avoid Toyan FS-L400 Crankshaft Failure?

How to Avoid Toyan FS-L400 Crankshaft Failure?

How to Avoid Toyan FS-L400 Crankshaft Failure?

Hello Customer,

We have received some feedback from some of our customers that their crank shaft is broken when they start the Toyan FS-L400 engine. our team is very sorry again for the crankshaft crack failure you have been suffering from. Please note that Toyan has now fully upgraded FS-L400 to avoid the previous problem by changing the inner struction of the cylindeer and adding a bearing on the crankshaft. Basically, only orders shipped before May, 2021 may have this problem. If you have ever seen such YouTube videos of it , then it is obvious that their engine was received at that time. Customers who ship after May will hardly encounter such problems. For those who have received your engine before before May, 2021, you can contact us to get a free new cylinder or crankshaft for replacement if you suffer from crank shaft failure. to avoid fs-l400 crankshaft break problems, Toyan adds a bearing inside the cylinder. it does help solve this problem after testing. as for those who suffer from these problems, please contact stirlingkit team to replace a cylinder, a liner, and a crankshaft for you for free.

Now, we give 4 solutions:
1. If your FS-L400 faces this problem, we suggest you send it back to me to repair, because unfortunately, replacing the crankshaft will not fundamentally solve this problem. Toyan will repalce it with a new cylinder and crankshaft and a liner. The good new is that most of the repaired engines are running well after testing.
2. If you choose to keep it yourself,  then we recommend that you contact stirlingkit team to replace a cylinder, a liner, and a crankshaft for you for free. and then please run it at a speed limit within 6k revolution instead of running the engine at a high speed, which help to avoid crankshaft break. Or you can try to add a distributor to convert it into a gasoline version. Of course, you can also make a support on the crankshaft yourself and make an intermediate bearing.

3.The Part #52 is an M3 machine screw. The user needs to drill a hole by himself to tap the M3 teeth, and screw the M3 to the bearing. In this case, it can prevent the crankshaft from shifting along the X axis. That's to say, the crankshaft won't be broke or be suddenly jammed caused by high-speed operation.

Please note that Toyan teams have updated the placed referred above for the orders after the middle of May, 2021. As for the order before May, I recommend you try the instruction as I said before you start this engine.

Any Other problems, please email

4. Contact us directly to replace a new cylinder with liner and a crankshaft. please note that the new engine doesn't change the crankshaft at all. the key point is that they add a bearing inside the cylinder, which will help avoid crankshaft failure. this Youtube Video shows where to add a bearing. and our customers who have received the upgraded engine scarcely suffer from these problems. 


Some Plans Suggesstion from our Customer Chris Barnes 
 Chris makes a bush centre bearing to stop it from happening. He believes that he has fixed the problem and was able to run more than 10 tanks of fuel through it without a problem.
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  • Bernt: July 29, 2022

    Hi, I think Toyan easely should take a surway of people that has this engine to find out how maney would be interested in a new engine block with a center bearing, and matching crankshaft. Then machine these and sell them at a reduced cost. I would order a set for sure !!!! The bearings of the V8 and FL4-175 are great, the needle bearings of the Howin 4 even better, might not fit the crank of the L400, I still belive in this engine.

  • Tony Walton: January 10, 2022

    Good evening . I noticed your article about the broken crankshaft on the Toyan 400l, i have the engine and the crankshaft is broken in half. The box shows that the motor was made may 2020. How do I go about getting the replacement shaft and cylinder? Please advise so I can get the parts. Thanks

  • Axel Eickhoff: December 05, 2021

    Bad luck, today my crankshaft has been broken while runnnig with about 6000 rpm. The engine is from februar 2021. Complete running time is may be 10 minutes. Never rev up more than 8000 rpm. Obviously the engine needs a third crankshaft bearing but I have not the tools to make such an upgrade. I hope Toyan or Stirling kit will help me!

    Axel from Germany
  • FRANK MEYERS: October 23, 2021

    I contacted Toyan @ Sterling and they were very easy to deal with and they gladly
    replaced the crank shaft with the new design. altho i have not received yet I have tracking # and closed all disputes, Sterling engine have been around for along time
    and have a very good reputation I will continue to buy from them. they back up what they sell.

  • FRANK MEYERS: October 16, 2021

    I received the engine and after reading all of the comments i decided not to build
    the engine and return it. when i contacted the vendor they insisted that it would work.
    They suggested that i build it and if the shaft broke, they would send me a new design that they have for the block and shaft, i suggested that they send me the the new design parts with a return label and i will send the old ones back, but that didn’t go over well
    therefore I contacted my bank and began a dispute.

  • Frank Meyers: October 08, 2021

    As i read this information, have all the up grades been completed or are there additional
    things that node to be done, my engine is on its way. also do you need to adjust item 52
    Thank you

  • Barry Wiletts: September 01, 2021

    after hours of assembling this engine I braved the fear and tried to start the engine,it ran perfectly at my first attempt. I then deided to coplete the run in period and everything went well untill the fourth tank of fuel. when the engine stopped and would not sart again? After searching the internet I checked the waste oil can and it was foull of iron fillings so I investigated and sure enought the crank had sheard of at the number 2 journal indicating to me that a center bearing is esential for this carnk shaft.I informed Toyan but never got a reply? Stirling Kits hpwever camet the rescue and provided a replacement crank.I am now vey apprehensive about running this engine again!!!!

  • chris barnes: August 31, 2021

    this idea will not fix the problem,it need a centre bearing which i am working on right now for my new crankshaft turns up

  • Steven Biscoe : August 09, 2021

    This will do nothing to stop the crankshaft from breaking, it can’t catch on anything and break, mine broke while running!!
    It needs a total re design with a centre bearing and bigger journals on the crankshaft.
    I’m Really upset about this whole fiasco

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