How To Start A Whippet Engine Tutorial? | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
How To Start A Whippet Engine Tutorial? | Stirlingkit

How To Start A Whippet Engine Tutorial? | Stirlingkit

First of all, thank you for purchasing Whippet Engine. This is a very precise single-cylinder four-stroke model engine. Before operating your engine, please read

the "Startup Precautions" section of this manual and strictly abide by all the

instructions in this manual. content to familiarize yourself with the controls and

other features of the engine. Also, keep this manual in a safe place so that you

can refer to it whenever necessary. When using the radio control equipment to control, please check the radio equipment at the same time.

About your engine

1). Please keep in mind that your engine is not a "toy", but a high-efficiency internal combustion engine, and its output power may cause injury or other effects to you,

2) please do not modify or disassemble it without authorization.

3) As a professional user, please be responsible for the safe operation of the engine and be cautious at all times.

4) If at some point in the future, your engine is acquired by another enthusiast, we

will respectfully ask you to hand over this manual to its new owner as well.

5) The following recommendations are basically applicable to all production engines.

6) If wrong operation occurs, or safety is ignored, it will cause engine damage or


WARNING: These events may involve serious (extreme, even fatal) injuries.

1) Engine fuel is toxic. Do not allow it to come into contact with eyes or mouth, and always store in a clearly marked container out of the reach of children.

2) Engine fuel is highly flammable. Keep away from open flames, excessive heat or any possible ignition source. Don't smoke and don't let anyone smoke nearby.

3) Do not start the engine in an enclosed space. Model engines produce the same deadly carbon monoxide as car engines. Only running your engine in the open will keep you safe.

4) The model engine will generate considerable heat when it is running, do not touch any part of the engine immediately after the engine has been stopped. Especially the exhaust pipe or cylinder head, improper contact can cause serious burns.


a. This engine is suitable for desktop power, popular science experiments, model

display, model boat drive, please do not try to use it for any other purposes beyond the scope of use.

b. Follow our recommendations and use the correct screws and nuts to securely mount the engine to your starter.

c. There will be noise when the engine starts, please buy our matching muffler exhaust pipe or run it in an environment far away from residents, because the noise of the engine running may make other people feel annoyed.

d. Safety glasses are strongly recommended.

e. Take care that the spark plug clips or battery leads do not touch rotating parts.

f. Also check whether the connection of the throttle rocker arm is firm.

g. For safety, keep all bystanders (especially children) at least 3 meters away when preparing to start the engine.

h. To stop the engine, close the throttle completely; in an emergency, clamp the fuel delivery line in front of the carburetor to cut off the fuel supply.

i. Do not attempt to disassemble the flywheel and start the timing pulley.

j. Do not extend the starter battery cable more than 20 cm. Otherwise, the starting

current will be insufficient due to the voltage drop in the internal resistance of

the battery wire.

k. When starting the engine, do not press the start button for a long time. The maximum time to activate each button is 5 seconds. If it does not start, please stop the interval for 15 seconds, and then press the start button to start, so as not to burn the starter motor and ignition wire after starting the line for a long time.


Product description

We will use the Whippet engine designed by Edgar T. Westbury (ETW) in 1963 as a prototype and combine new design concepts to create this retro flat head engine
(L-head engine). It's the simplest small engine in the powerplant, but you'll be
complimented by how well it works.

Name: Flat-head single-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled gasoline engine

Form: Finished product (90% assembled)

Weight: About 1.1kg

Displacement: About 10cc

Bore: 25mm

Stroke: 19mm

Speed: 2000-6000rpm

Power: About 0.5ps

Cooling method: Water cooling

Start mode: Hand pull / Electric drill start

Ignition method: Mechanical ignition (CDI high voltage ignition module)

Spark plug: ME-8 1/4-32 spark plug

Fuel: 92# and above gasoline (mixed with 15%-20% special oil for two strokes)

Oil: 4T oil (5w-20/5w-30/5w-40)

Start battery: 7.4V 2S Lipo battery

Engine structure and components


Start-up precautions: (the following accessories need to be prepared by


  1. Prepare a MINI water pump and a silicone tube with an inner diameter of 5mm for cooling the engine.
  1. Add 15cc-20cc oil (w5-20\w5-30\w5-40) to the engine oil injection port for luburication.
  2. A high-voltage ignition module CDI is required (It is recommended to use RCEXL automatic angle CDI igniter (HV high voltage version)), remove the induction head and solder the positive and negative wires to the left and right antennae on both sides of the mechanical ignition device (do not touch the fuselage to avoid short circuit). The high voltage wire is connected to the spark plug.  CDI ignition wiring method (Positive wire: red; Negative wire: black; Signal line: white;But the flat head engine only needs the negative wire and the signal wire to form the ignition circuit, that is, only the black wire and the white wire are used, and the red wire is ignored.)
  1. Connect the mixed gasoline to the oil inlet of the carburetor of the engine, lock the oil needle clockwise and then back it 2-3 turns. Open the air door to 1/2, block the air door with your fingers and turn the flywheel until you see the fuel entering the carburetor.
  2. Set the starter rope (standard) on the starter groove of the flywheel, turn on the power of the ignition module, and start it. (Limited to the shortcomings of mechanical ignition, it needs to be pulled several times)
  1. The new machine needs to be run-in, please change the oil after running-in. (Check the oil level at any time to ensure sufficient lubrication)


In order to prolong the service life and improve the performance, we have completed the inspection of each engine at the factory. After receiving the engine, you need to do the correct running-in and cleaning work. After continuous running-in, the cylinder pressure will gradually increase. Due to the high degree of simulation of this engine and many various parts, we do not recommend you to disassemble the engine completely. We will provide various effective after-sales services to help you
maintain and use it stably.

 When leaving the factory, each engine has completed the oil needle setting. If you have adjusted the oil needle during use, it is recommended to adjust the oil needle to 2.0 turns. Since gasoline engines need to maintain the temperature of the spark plug filament to achieve ignition, when the engine is in a rich state when the engine is in a low speed for a long time, the temperature of the filament will gradually decrease, resulting in difficulty in ignition.

1). The mechanical ignition device tilts to the left to advance the ignition, and tilts to the right to delay the ignition.
2). There should be a clearance of 0.1-0.2mm between the inlet and outlet valves and the lifter.


1. Fuel tank height flush with carburetor height.

Other question people might also ask

a. I find my connecting rod isn't fully drilled out in order to lubricate the crankshaft. what should i do?

sorry for this problem. According to the drawings below, just punch in the hole along the way. 1.5~2 drill bits are fine. Just a copper ring, one millimeter thick, punched through. and if you don't have the machine, pls contact me to send a free connecting rod.

and to say sorry for this, i will send you a free pulley drill starter accessories.



Our commitment

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time, we will provide you with a full range of high-quality services. For product description or detailed information about each part, you can consult us or ask for it. In the process of use, if there are technical or use problems, we have a professional team to answer you online for free.
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Lou Ostendorff - May 21, 2022

I just purchased a whippet with pump & generator. How do I know if connecting rod hole needs to be drilled? Should I disassemble the engine or is there a serial number after which this issue was resolved?

Bruce - April 11, 2022

Several errors here. First, a complete wiring diagram, including all battery and ignition connections, ground wires, etc should be included. Guesswork destroys ignition modules.

Crankcase oil quantity is approximately 25 ml, or until full when level. The design allows for accurate adding of oil without a measuring device or dipstick. If it’s full, it’s full? Additional oil added to fuel ought to be very, very little.

Fuel tank height and needle valve adjustment should be explained.

Most importantly, the drill start adapter advertised since project inception, and greatly enhancing operator happiness, has never been included, and is still being depicted. Your engineer simply said use the rope, as drill starter us not necessary. None of this is necessary, but when you advertise a drill starter, and people pay for the engine, they rightly expect to get the drill start adapter. It’s a cheap trick, ultimately costing respect and future sales., I’m waiting for the drill adapter I paid for! I feel cheated. Three months and still replacement parts for those not install3d have not arrived. A paperweight. Useless. Makes me feel stupid to give you money.

Niyazi Mete - April 7, 2022

A high-voltage ignition module CDI is required (It is recommended to use RCEXL automatic angle CDI igniter (HV high voltage version)), remove the induction head and solder the positive and negative wires to the left and right antennae on both sides of the mechanical ignition device (do not touch the fuselage to avoid short circuit). The high voltage wire is connected to the spark plug.
Can you show this how to Connect

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