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Introduction of Stirling Engine

Introduction of Stirling Engine

        Stirling engine was invented by British physicist Robert Sterling in 1816. So it called Stirling Engine. The working medium in the cylinder is cooled, compressed, endothermic, and expanded into a cycle of cycles to output power. Forest cycle) is an external combustion engine.

Characteristics: 1.Strong fuel applicability!

                           Since Sterling is an external combustion engine, it can be used in both liquid, gaseous or solid fuels. It can even use solar energy and geothermal energy to do work! This feature allows the Stirling machine to be used for power generation in remote areas, geothermal power and solar power!

                          2.Low noise and good stability!

                          When the Stirling machine is running, since the combustion of the fuel is continuous, the knocking work and the intermittent combustion process like the internal combustion engine are avoided, thereby achieving the advantage of low noise, which makes the Stirling engine have the submarine power.

                         3.Reverse work can be cooled!

                        If the external force drives Stirling to do the reverse work, it can be cooled. With this feature, high-end refrigerators and freezers can be made. The advantage is environmental protection and energy saving. The disadvantage is that it is expensive!

Also, there are some kinds of normal Stirling Engine.

Such as Double cylinder

 Low temperatures



Hot Air



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