Is Boxer Engine Better Than Inline Engine?  | Stirlingkit

Is Boxer Engine Better Than Inline Engine? | Stirlingkit

What Is a Boxer Engine?

The boxer engine is one of the most common configuration of flat engines, where the cylinders are opposed horizontally on either side of a central crankshaft.  the pistons move in the opposite direction from each other inwards and outwards at the same time. Just like boxing, so people call it Boxer engine.

What's the Advantages of the Boxer Engine?

Boxer engines can offer a better balance and stability. That means people can control them well. And they're featured with a short length, low centre of mass and suitability for air cooling. Compared with inline engines, flat engines have better primary balance to get less vibration, which adds to the durability.


What's the Disadvantages of the Boxer Engine?

Most people dislike its size and  have to spend a lot of time and patience to maintenance. Therefore, other manufacturers have meddled with the boxer engine.

here are the similar flat-twin engine R90S. you can check how it runs via the link below.

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