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Mr. Shark in Movie Toy Story

Mr. Shark in Movie Toy Story

"Look, I'm Woody! Hello, hello, hello!" The shark in Woody's hat always said that.

It is a squeaky rubber toy in Andy's toy box. It is made of white rubber with blue paint on the back and a squeak in the mouth.

In "Toy Story", the shark appeared for the first time after Woody sent out all the toys that it was safe to come out. Shark talked with Woody for the first time. When Woody woke up in the toy box but didn't wear a hat, Shark laughed at Woody wearing a hat and said, "Look, I'm Woody! Hello, hello, hello!" After Woody took back his hat, Not interested in shark jokes.

In "Toy Story 2", when Andy plays with his toys before heading to the cowboy camp, he makes the shark one of the death traps set by the evil Pork Chop Doctor for Bo Peep, and Woody must save him. Finally, Wheezy praised Shark for finding an extra squeak in the toy box as a replacement for his old, broken.

Shark’s line, "Look, I’m Woody! Hello, hello, hello!" is one of Gary Larson’s "The Far Side" daily comic strip in the early 1980s A quote from a vulture eating a cowboy: "Hey, everyone, look at me, I'm a cowboy! Hello! Hello! Hello!"

In Toy Story 2, we can observe that the color of the shark changes from blue to gray, and it can be seen that Mr. Shark’s paint has begun to fade.

The model of the shark makes him look unusually long, and it also lacks a tail. However, the audience will never notice this, because he almost always peeks from the toy box.

Mr. Shark is with us in Toy Story. Do you expect yourself to have such a toy model to accompany you all the time? Maybe you should not miss this opportunity! For movie fans, we should all have it.

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