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Only Need 3 Hours of Building Metal Puzzle

Only Need 3 Hours of Building Metal Puzzle

Are you going to spend your free time with your favorite person? Maybe, you are worrying about what you do during these hours will increase your feelings. Then you have to take a look at these assembled models that can be completed in three hours. These little guys can't wait, are you ready?

#1:3D Mechanical Geared Walnut Wooden Butterfly Model

The 3D model of the mechanical gear walnut butterfly is made of high-quality brass and walnut materials. It uses a wood-steel body to fly lightly, with gear speed settings, and its running speed can be steplessly adjusted. Equipped with a wireless charging base, input 5V-2A, 9V-2A, put the assembled butterfly base on the wireless charging case, plug in the data cable, and the gear will rotate by itself.

Showcasing the beauty and agility of butterfly fluttering, inspired by butterfly flapping wings and dream pilots. The assembly size is about 12 x 12 x 32cm, the base size is 8 x 8 x 5cm, the wingspan is 12cm, and the height is 32cm. Suitable for adults or people over 8 years old.

#2:265Pcs Metal Insect Puzzle Model Kit 3D DIY Mechanical Assembly Jigsaw Crafts - Fire Fly

The metal firefly model kit is made of high-quality laser-cut ultra-precision metal, and can be assembled only by screwing according to the assembly drawing. After assembly, the mini size is 8 x 7 x 5cm; suitable for children over 14 years old or under 14 years old who need to play with their parents.

When you pass the forest every night before sunset, you can watch their amazing rituals. I really hope that we can find a way to keep these brilliant fluorescent friends around and let future generations see. Without fireflies at night, the world would not be so bright.

#3:DIY Assembled Model Kit Metal Mechanical Clock Model Creative Gift

The assembled mini size of the spider mechanical clock DIY model is about 14x14x5CM. It has a mechanical watch that can be rotated clockwise to adjust the time. Suitable for people 8+.

It is said that someone found a huge huntsman spider in their relative's house. They found the spider under a rather large wall clock. The spider seemed to be as big or bigger as the clock, and its hairy legs protruded its head from below. Therefore, the spider got the notorious nickname "Clock Spider".

#4:295Pcs Metal Insect Puzzle Model Kit 3D DIY Mechanical Assembly Jigsaw Crafts - Wasp

Wasp model kit DIY mechanical assembly crafts, a total of 295 parts, each joint is movable. After assembly, the mini size is 12 x 9 x 6cm. The children assembled this model not only exercised their hands-on ability and creativity, but also let the children enjoy the fun of assembling. Suitable for people 14+.

The unique outline of the wasp's tiny body is glued to the glass. They are only an inch long, but their sharp stinger can release enough venom to paralyze painful victims. And you will never forget that their tiny brains are full of evil intentions. It's not the first time that I think of the old German proverb: "God made bees, and the devil made wasps."

#5:100PCS Golden Ant DIY Model Exquisite Jewelry MINI Ornaments

The golden ant DIY model mini jewelry is made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum, which is rust-proof and wear-resistant. The overall shape is cool and dazzling, and the color part is treated with a special process, and the color is bright and does not fade. It contains 78 main parts and about 20 screw parts, totaling about 100 parts. Model size: 17CM in length, 7.5CM in width and 9.5CM in height.

Ants are defined as hardworking employees from birth. In the absence of supervision, he can handle his own affairs efficiently. Don't underestimate the ants, they can move to a big tree together!

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