Review Your V2 to Win a V8 | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
Review Your V2 to Win a V8 | Stirlingkit

Review Your V2 to Win a V8 | Stirlingkit

Hello Stirlingkit Customers,

Have you received your V2 engine? we have a giveaway activity for you. Just review your V2  to win a v8 engine.

How to attend?

1. describe the v2 engine you bought, share what you enjoyed, and provide a few tips for other customers who want to make the most of the experience.

2.Please review it on or on Stirlingkit Facebook Page or make a review video on Youtube or on Instagram (remember to tag me @stirlingkit)

3. and then send me an email or send me a message in the facebook or instagram to tell me that you are already in this game.

4. the valid date is 2022/02/26 to 2022/0306. the list of 20 winners will be released on March 07, 2022. and then stirlingkit team will contact the winners and send you a free v8 engine keychain.

gift: v8 engine keychain.

stirlingkit email address

stirlingkit facebook: click
stirlingkit instagram: click



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