Stirlingkit Pre-Halloween Giveaway: Win a SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2  Gift

Stirlingkit Pre-Halloween Giveaway: Win a SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2 Gift

Stirlingkit Pre-Halloween Giveaway: Win a SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2  Gift

Hurry and enter Stirlingkit’s pre-Halloween giveaway! 🎃

Are you ready? Stirlingkit once again presents you with an exciting pre-Halloween giveaway that’s not to be missed! It’s time to get into the Halloween spirit and what better way to do it than by entering our exciting giveaway! 🎃👻

1. How to participate:

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2. Activity time:

Mark your calendars because this thrilling event starts on October 19th and will run until October 25th. The clock is ticking, don’t miss this moment full of surprises!


3. Announcement of winners:

The moment you've been waiting for is finally here! We will announce the lucky winners on October 26th. Will you be one of those lucky ones to win the amazing SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2 giveaway? Only time will tell!

4.Don't miss this exciting opportunity:

It will give you the chance to win a SEMTO ENGINE ST-NF2 giveaway and also invite you to explore the wonderful world of Stirlingkit! 🎁🎉
Halloween is right around the corner, and entering our giveaways is the perfect way to kick off the celebrations. Stirlingkit is committed to creating unforgettable experiences, and we can’t wait to share this season of surprises with you.
Get ready to get into the Halloween spirit now, share your Stirlingkit stories, and join us on this thrilling adventure. Remember, October 26th is the big day to reveal the winners, so let’s all look forward to the good news!
Let's spend an unforgettable Halloween together. Get started on this exciting time by entering Stirlingkit’s pre-Halloween giveaway now. Good luck to everyone involved and have a wonderful Halloween season! 🎃👻🎁🎉


  • John Lozano: October 25, 2023

    I love working of full size cars but the older I get I find it physically unable to. This is a great way to teach the grandkids about engines without getting hurt.

  • Dennis : October 20, 2023

    I’ll build a model of ANYTHING! I love the hobby and I don’t remember how Stirlingkit showed my email, but I loved what I saw. Being retired, my budget is very limited ,but I’ll find something to buy one of these days.the

  • Daniel : October 20, 2023

    I saw your website while i was working on a school projekt that involved engines. I searched for the perfect model for an engine and then i saw how detailed your engines were and I was mindblown…

  • Aaron: October 20, 2023

    I saw sterling kits when I was watching a youtube about the m
    In hit and miss engines. But when I come on to this amazing website I saw all sorts of cool engines and parts to fix them witch doesn’t happen very often. Thanks

  • Wayne Kathan: October 20, 2023

    From ur first showing the steam powered motors to ur gas motors sure have been amazing builds we appreciate all u do for us that are into ur builds

  • Lee Richards: October 20, 2023

    I remember when I was alittle younger and at that time only some people mainly in america had them and I wanted a mini engine for many years but could get one I searched the internet for years and waiting for them to be mass produced globally then bang Stirling kit was my source to buy those awesome products they are so insane the range available to buy I bought a 2 cylinder one too put in a bmw 1/10 rc car and will even get a mini turbo for it. And prices are really good for the range. My jaw drops everytime I see a new engine out it’s so cool. If I had unlimited money I would buy all of those products that’s forsure but I don’t.

  • Anthony Norris: October 20, 2023

    I bought the single cylinder 4 stroke engine, FS 100G, as a built it yourself kit and it is amazing. I have since got it setup in my working scale model as a power generation plant. I highly recommend this kit, and others, as a great learning tool. I look forward to all the new models that you guys come up with in the future

  • Danielle Daigle: October 20, 2023

    The nice wide selection of projects is joyful

  • Rob Crèvecoeur: October 19, 2023

    Building the 2 and now the 4 cilinder engine is like an addiction! But, a healthy one! Superb machining!

  • Ian Carter: October 19, 2023

    Helped me finish building an engine of my own. Provided me with the ignition and a helpful staff

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