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The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide | Stirlingkit

The 2021 Christmas Gift Guide | Stirlingkit

Christmas is coming soon. Many people are preparing gifts for this important holiday. Christmas is a Christian holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus. The church usually sets this holiday on December 25. Christmas is also a public holiday in many countries and regions, especially Western countries and other regions where Christian culture is the mainstream. However, Christmas has been transformed into a folk holiday, and is often referred to as the "Christmas and New Year Season" together with the Gregorian New Year with a similar date.

Giving gifts at Christmas is close to becoming a global habit. In many countries, children prepare empty containers so that Santa Claus can put some small gifts. In the United States, children hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace on Christmas Eve, because Santa Claus said that he would go down the chimney and put gifts into the stockings on Christmas Eve. Giving gifts not only refers to Santa Claus, family members and friends also give gifts to each other. Many parents are the "Santa Claus" of their children.

There are many choices of Christmas gifts. I hope that I can help you choose the right gift through the price range.

★ USD 0 to USD 50:

#1: DIY Assembled Model Kit Metal Spider Model Jewelry Home Office Decoration Art Creative Gift

Price: 38.99 USD

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#2: 90PCS+ Steampunk Insect MINI Metal Creative Crafts
Price: 28.99 USD

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#3: 290Pcs Metal Insect Puzzle Model Kit 3D DIY Mechanical Assembly Jigsaw Crafts - Termite
Price: 45.99 USD

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#4: 136Pcs DIY Metal Mechanical Variant Beast 3D Assembly Puzzle Model Kit - Dinosaur
Price: 49.99 USD

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★ US$50 to US$100:

#1: 154PCS 3D Colorful Metal Astronaut Series CNSA RKA DIY Backpack Pendant
Price: 64.99 USD

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#2: 117PCS 3D Mechanical Wasp Metal DIY Model Manual Assembly Creative Kit
Price: 70.99 USD

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#3: 569PCS 3D Metal Tank Model DIY Mechanical Decompression Toy
Price: 95.99 USD

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★ US$100 to US$200:

#1: Exquisite Mechanical Insect Assembly Model Week Series Christmas Gift Set

Price: 175.99 USD

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#2: 3D Metal Mechanical Spider Assembly DIY Model Kit with Bluetooth Speaker

Price: 149.99 USD

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★ 200 USD or more:

#1: Assembly Metal Solid Wood 3D Dynamic Delicate Mechanical Mystery Aircraft Model Kit for Adult
Price: 399.99 USD

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I hope my recommendation is helpful to you, and I hope everyone can have gifts before Christmas! Santa will never forget anyone.


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