The Iconic Symbol of the American Dream: Harley-Davidson | Stirlingkit

The Iconic Symbol of the American Dream: Harley-Davidson | Stirlingkit

The Iconic Symbol of the American Dream: Harley-Davidson | Stirlingkit
Today we are going to introduce the history of the "fat boy" associated with this V-twin. I know that some of you may guess what it is from its "name" ...... Not yet? Please read on!

In the minds of Harley fans, there are two types of ride in the world, one is called a motorbike and the other is called a Harley. Harleys are all about the American dream and freedom on the open road, which continues to remind Americans of the power of ingenuity and hard work. Flying down the road on the bike, feeling the wind blowing, every Harley owner feels great and enjoys the joy of life.


Was Harley-Davidson a person?

In 1903, The beginning of the 20th century, when a 21-year-old young William S. Harley play with his friends Arthur Davidson in a small shed in the Davidson family's backyard, Harley strapped an engine to a bicycle, Davidson's two younger brothers were then intrigued and joined in. An American household motorcycle company Harley Davidson, was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley's name is placed first, as he is credited with coming up with the original idea for the motorbike.

Their innovation and imagination of what was possible on two wheels sparked a transportation and lifestyle revolution that would make Harley-Davidson the most desirable motorcycle brand in the world.


What is Harley-Davidson known for?

Since then, the motorcycle giant has launched the first version of Harley Davidson motorcycles, a very simple bike with two wheels and an engine.

The team was encouraged by the success of building the first motorbikes, but due to the limited popularity, the company did not receive many orders in the early days. It wasn't until 1905, when a rider won a race on a Harley-Davidson motorbike on Independence Day in the USA, that Harley-Davidson's reputation rose and so did the orders.

While attention was still focused on the reliability of motorbikes, Harley-Davidson broke new ground in research and development. 1909 saw the introduction of the first production V-Twin engine, a V-twin with a 45-degree clip-on angle to the frame and a displacement of 810ml. It was the most powerful motorbike engine of its time, and Harley-Davidson sold 1,149 motorbikes with it that year.

In 1916, when armed conflict broke out between Mexico and the United States along the border, Harley-Davidson motorbikes began to be valued by the military for reconnaissance, transport and contingencies.

Throughout the World War I, the US military used nearly 20,000 motorbikes, nearly 18,000 of which came from Harley-Davidson. War made Harley-Davidson world famous and in 1920 Harley-Davidson overtook its biggest rival, Indian Motorcycles, to become the world's largest motorbike manufacturer.

In 1983, thanks to U.S. trade law, the company was granted temporary relief, otherwise it would not have been able to face the surge in Japanese imports. Harley then used this time to readjust, improve manufacturing efficiency and product quality and become more competitive. As a result it also significantly increased its market share.

Today, Honda Motor is considered the highest-volume bicycle manufacturer, but Harley Davidson is still the king, with a 56% share of the large motorcycle market. 

What made Harley-Davidson so successful?

  1. Power

If Harley-Davidson would only be known for one thing, it would be power.  The performance of their huge V-twin engines is second to none. By virtue of their impressive power and perfect torque levels, these bikes give you all the muscle you need on the open road.    

  1. Easy to maintain

Harley-Davidson motorbikes are easy to maintain. You will most likely be able to do most repairs and modifications on your own. As you can see, becoming a Harley-Davidson motorbike owner will never be bothered by a failed engine start, nor will you always be happy with your Harley

  1. Customised support

Harley bikes support full customization so they will cater to the needs of any rider. Due to the high price of a motorbike, Harley also offers a complete range of replacement parts, so if a part wears out, you won't have to ditch your bike to buy a new one.

  1. Strong service and wide audience

Harley-Davidson makes it easy to find help and community all over the country. There are Harley-Davidson sales and service locations in every state, so if you need help or want to meet more riders, it's easy to find.

Ample volume, twin cylinders and a powerful growl as a trademark - have been derided by high-tech motorbike enthusiasts as inefficient relics of a bygone era.  But to Harley's customers, these motorbikes are carefully crafted works of art. And many true artists agree.


 Is Harley-Davidson an American icon?


Like Coca-Cola or Apple, Harley is one of the most appealing brands in the world.

So much so that there is a popular American proverb that is a household saying: "A Harley-Davidson when you're young and a Cadillac when you're old are the only things you want in life."

The Harley has come to symbolize a mixture of typically American values and a self-determined lifestyle. With their trademark rumble, the motorbikes give their owners an outlaw feel, riding off into the sunset on “iron horses”. Till now harley own a big group supporters, what they called HOGS, everyone of them has their special values toward their “ fat boy”

Someone said that there's nothing like it in the world, Harley pretty much be their therapy. Others enjoy the freedom of riding on the road, felling everything is different. Just like the wind blowing through hair and releasing the stress of life,Harley-Davidson makes every day count. 

American steel runs through every harley players viens. No matter how bad a day went you jump on, just twist the throttle and all the worries are gone...



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  • Tom: April 08, 2023

    amazing motorcycle! I had the same but I got into an accident on it unfortunately. but my friend did not leave me in trouble and supported me when I was in the hospital! read here about true friendship it is very important to surround yourself with good friends!

  • Todd Rudolph: January 25, 2022

    Sorry,but the nickname for a Harley is “Hog”..not fat boy.

  • Lura: January 23, 2022

    Hi! 🙂😎. HOW & Why I landed on a motorcycle site is beyond me, because I don’t really like or ride them!!??!{🤔🙏😥😲😱]. BUT, I know quite a few people that do! And 2 of them are my neighbors 🤗😍😃😎! I enjoy the stories of things BEGINNINGS and their evolvement through the years! Thx for sharing !! Plz, PLEASE always, ALWAYS wear your helmets guys and gals!!!!!!!!! 😲😱😍😎🙏🙏🙏. MUCH LOVE and Prayers !!!

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