Toyan First V8 Engine Is Released in 2022 | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
Toyan First V8 Engine Is Released in 2022 | Stirlingkit

Toyan First V8 Engine Is Released in 2022 | Stirlingkit


 1. Toyan have a new v8 engine which is on the production plan this year. do you like this design? let me know if you have any problems on it. pls comment below.

2. in order to make more Toyan engine suitable for the Toyan X-power Sand Cruiser crawer kit (click), Toyan is planning to make some new adapter for different Toyan Engine.


Toyan Fs-l200

Toyan V4

Toyan FS-L400

3. Toyan FS-L400 Engine will have a gasoline version in the future. and an independent lubricator will be updated too.

4. The single cylinder 4 stroke Toyan engine will be changed to make smaller. the outside looking is different too. It looks much more realistic. (FS-S100BX)

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Gov - March 14, 2022

Looks Awesome, from the picture it looks like a SOHC with there be a DOHC version? Also what will the dimensions?
Will there be a Supercharger or ITB’s?

Rick Kubbenga - March 10, 2022

Any release date know? Getting tires of checken every day haha

Tony Walton - March 8, 2022

I need to know,the bearing size on the fs-400l crankshaft. Please advise

Keith Asbury - February 19, 2022

I’m with Benny on this engine. Would love to have one, but that much cash at once is just not feasible. Also just wanted to say I really hope they make a gasoline version because the nitro V-8’s still sound like a 2 stroke.

Benny - February 19, 2022

Well they ever sell the parts individually so i could assemble on my own? Judging from the v4 this v8 is going to be expensive… i would like to buy the block one month the rotating assembly another month the heads a next and so on… would this be possible? Maybe sell em in stages?? There are people like me that would like to own one of these engines but cant afford to pay 5 or 6k at once

Mike Casey - February 10, 2022

What are the dimensions? Also 8stack carburetor would be great.

Rubayed Semim - February 7, 2022


BM - February 6, 2022

The new V8 would be nice with a supercharger….still looks fantastic..

CHAN HONG LING JACKY - February 5, 2022

That is a great and exciting news that Toyan would produce a V8 water cooled engine in 2022, I will be one of the owner of this engine!!!!!

Brandon - February 5, 2022

Yes! Keep up the good work, boys!

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