Toyan X-Power Two-Cylinder Water-cooled RC Engine | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
Toyan X-Power Two-Cylinder Water-cooled RC Engine | Stirlingkit

Toyan X-Power Two-Cylinder Water-cooled RC Engine | Stirlingkit

The Toyan X-Power is a four-stroke two-cylinder engine with water pump. This kit has 100+ accessories. It's funny to assemble it for those who want to know who the engine works, especially for engineers. It can reach 16,000 revolutions per minute. (3.5CC & 1.05ps)

  1. Enjoy The Incredible Fun Of Assembling

More than 100 parts can allow you to demonstrate the application value of a machine virtually, and also get more hands-on experience than ever.

  1. Explore The Spirit of Craftsmen

Every part needs to be assembled by yourself. Figuring out what parts should be assembled together or refitting parts to improve performance, such experiences will teach you something new.

  1. Unlock Your Potential

X-Power unlocks your creative potential, from RC models to daily gadget kit, gaining from the process of building.

  1. Inspire Your Creativity

Your creativity is unlimited! X-Power gives you thousands of possibilities to be creative.

X-Power is an amazing DIY experience that help you relieve the daily stress. When you work with X-Power, everything else fades away and a new world is yours!

X-Power is a build-it-yourself kit that includes every single nut, bolt and everything else required to assemble a working engine and explore your creativity. From beginner to expert, it is a fun way to explore DIY and create your first engine kit.

  1. Exquisite Model

X-Power has a highly simulated appearance and it’s much closer to a real engine, which can bring you brand-new fun!

  1. Practical Use

Running Up to 16,000 RPM, X-Power can boost your RC models performance, applicable to 1:10, 1:12, and 1:14 scale models.

  1.  Lightweight Structure 

The weight of the whole engine kit is 590g. Lightweight structure design can be better compatible with RC models, greatly improving the unit power outer ratio.

  1. Build-in Water Cooled Design

With the built-in water cooled system, X-Power has a large conversion potential and no need to worry that the engine is overheating.

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Disappointed - January 15, 2022

Dont buy the kit. Incomplete, no instructions that make sense, no support. Happy to send copies of detailed incomplete docs.

Disappointed - January 15, 2022

Bruce – Hugh – suggest you dont buy the kit. Toyan ships incomplete. The instructions are incomprehensible, no parts list, no support from them.

Bruce Schwartz - December 10, 2021

Toyan X power when will it be ready for sale and the cost of a full day kit

Hugh Tyrrell - September 14, 2021

I would like to know the price and when the X power will be available ? Thank you Hugh

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