Unboxing Toyan X-POWER Sand Cruiser 1/8 Methanol Climbing Car | Stirlingkit - Stirlingkit
Unboxing Toyan X-POWER Sand Cruiser 1/8 Methanol Climbing Car | Stirlingkit

Unboxing Toyan X-POWER Sand Cruiser 1/8 Methanol Climbing Car | Stirlingkit

This morning I found out that my package had arrived last night, hope it's it's not too late. Here are my unboxing. Let's start NOW!  

I read the comments someone said that they like the wooden packaging. In my opinion, it's not bad, and very sturdy and solid. 

Complete accessories: good 5 Stars

Although the online manual is now provided, but manufacturers still choose to use paper manuals, I think this is good for the people who are not convenient to use electronic instructions. 

the transparent PC shell has been cut out at the factory, really worry-free! i'll to paint it orange.

Along with the car is also equipped with a set of simple light sets. the rest of the car shell parts can be painted if needed. 

Because the vast majority of accessories are anodized, each part is stored in a separate compartment in order to avoid the anodic layer falling off due to bumping of parts in transit, which affects the aesthetics. 

Metal shock absorbers are now the mainstream configuration, and the factory has already assembled the four shocks, greatly reducing the difficulty of the total assembly.

All-metal front and rear direct axles, front direct axle with differential lock. the original version is already very smooth.

The texture of this CNC wheel is really nice, and I'm already expecting it to look good when it's installed. 

The tread feels great and is very soft, so looking forward to the performance on the ground. 

The power system uses the TOYAN FS-L200A Twin-Cylinder Methanol Engine, and the factory has completed the assembly and commissioning work, the players arrived after installation only need simple debugging can be put into use. 

The gearbox has a total of five gears, three forward, one reverse and neutral, with the entire shifting process controlled by two servos. The brake mechanism also adopts the disc brake structure commonly used in competition frames, and is linked to the throttle. 

And that's it. I can't wait to assemble the vehicle this week.

check this car here.

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