What Our Customers Say About CISON FG-VT9 9cc V2 Engine?

What Our Customers Say About CISON FG-VT9 9cc V2 Engine?

What Our Customers Say About CISON FG-VT9 9cc V2 Engine?

below are some feedback from our customers.

1st review from Heli

Heli is a great man, who has his own machine shop and worked as a professional CNC machine programmer, maintainer and parts loader. He's fond of fixing or modifying model engines himeself. I'm suprised that his engine collection is probably exceeding 1000 units and have designs of all types.That's really cool. He always give us many suggestive feedbacks. thanks in advance.

Here is what Heli says,

My CISON V-2 Twin was delivered today!! This twin is quite a little gem. The overall look and detail is amazing and makes for a beautiful display piece. How will it run? That will be determined in the future. There’s along inspection process ahead as there have been reports of loose hardware inside the cam box that affects the ignition or valve timing or both. I’ll have to look for myself. On first inspection I can spot areas that could have been handled better. The flywheel has scratches and dented edges, there’s two holes drilled/tapped in the heads that must have had a mistake in the programming and didn’t line up with the holes in the valve covers so the head-holes were drilled out. The exhaust pipes could have been refined a little more with fewer tool marks and cleaned up outlets. Oh, and the rotation of the crankshaft is reverse from what a real Harley V-twin rotates. That will cause some heartburn for someone interested in making a scale motorcycle using this engine. At least, according to the way the overrunning clutch is installed in the flywheel to rotation is counter-clockwise. Maybe that clutch was installed backwards. I’ll have to inspect the valve timing and see for sure.

One of the two valve cover screws that weren’t positioned correctly and lost its secure thread into the head. A longer screw was installed with a nut barely on the screw threads to hold it. That’s sloppy.

The other of the two valve cover screws that wasn’t positioned correctly. A longer screw was installed with really no thread engagement. That’s sloppy too ☹️ All the screws could have been 1mm longer to fully take advantage of the available thread depth.

Valve cover screws aren’t fully seated

back to the subject of valve/rocker cover screws: It’s clear to me there was a programming or calculation error of one hole in the rocker cover. Rather than disturb the chrome finish in the cover, the threaded hole under the cover was ‘moved’ to align itself with the incorrectly located cover hole. You can’t just move a threaded hole. Threads go ‘Bye bye’ and have no use.

The head has a separate plate bolted to its top and this needs to be replaced X2.

With the fresh valve cover plate installed I’d rather shift the hole in the cover a little and have good threads available. As a side note: ALL the screws I’ve touched so far are essentially loose. Maybe as a result of the two compromised threads in the head plates the assembler(s) were told to go gently on the torque and that sentiment followed all fasteners.

It’s this sort of thing that makes me feel obligated towards doing a full disassembly before attempting to run one of these engines. By the way - when I removed the spark plugs I happened to notice a slight odor of naphtha or lighter fluid from them. So this one was test run.

There’s an opening in the timing box section of the crankcase that seems to have a future purpose. If this were the full-size Panhead a generator would be installed in that location. Look at the photo - there’s a dedicated crankcase breather on the left. That’s the brass fitting. It is connected with a little chamber (the round area) and then to the cam area. But with nothing installed in the generator’s location all the blowby and such will exit there. A dummy generator should be installed to at least allow the breather to be effective. There’s also a steel dowel pin near the generator area which would be to support some non-existing gear. Hmm🤔

 now that my V-twin is in my hands, when I look at the photos in the link I noticed almost every photo is a different engine configuration or evolution. Different breathers, carbs, pushrod tubes, STARTER, and more. But I did also notice one thing in common with mine: One rocker cover bolt in the center of the curved section was leaned way over to one side because the holes didn’t line up.

please read my posting of the CISON V-2, V-twin. First inspection revealed a manufacturing problem with the valve rocker covers. One screw hole in both covers wasn’t drilled in the correct location and the plate under the cover (where the screws thread in) had to be modified to shift a threaded hole sideways. This destroys the threads in the plate hole and the screw can no longer be secured. The assembler of my engine attempted to ‘fix’ one screw by adding a nut. The other screw in the other head was installed without a nut and stripped. I need two new head plates and a few M1.5x4mm socket-head screws.

That miss-located hole in the valve/rocker cover I’d clearly something CISON has been dealing with very early on in the production of this V-2 twin. I wonder who the manager is that said to keep using the defective parts rather than starting over? Maybe that person was afraid of losing their job if they admitted to the mistake. I no know 🧐

I want to make a few corrections though:
The dents and other deformities in the flywheel were caused from the way the parts were being handled prior to the engine being placed in its box. The box needs no added protection at all.
I don’t want new valve covers. That won’t help at all. I need two new plates that have the M2 threaded holes that the cover screws thread into. All the covers will have that one hole drilled wrong. Even if you did supply two correctly drilled covers I’d *still* need the two plates that the covers sit on because mine have mangled threads where the screws couldn’t go through. I also need two 4mm long screws.
About the breather. I have zero complaints as to the breather’s location - it’s fine. I was saying that the open hole at the other end of the cam timing case has to be closed off for the breather to be effective. Otherwise all the oil/air that would be expected to leave via the breather will go directly out of the larger hole. Thank you 😊

I’m not sponsored or paid so I have no fear in giving feedback, even if negative. It seems to work on occasion and that motivates me to keep giving more. I won’t sugar coat things or kiss anyone’s butt. So many people are afraid they’re going to offend a seller or manufacture. Not me. I used to be a Team Kyosho member and did lots of testing and reviewing of their RC helicopters throughout the ‘90’s. Many improvements were implemented due to my feedback so I’ve seen what some good ol’ positive criticism can do.


Stirlingkit Reply to Heli:


i have checked all the problems you referred to.
1. The screw is loose-the screw is loose, because the screw hole is small and the torque is not too large.
2. There is a bump in the flywheel——sorry for the shipping damage of your flywheel. next time i will add more protective materials to well pack it. i can resend the flywheel to you if you want.
3. The screw hole of the cover is not in the right position. ————i will send you a new cover.
4. The the place of the crankcase breather --- i don't agree with you. our engine deisign this place for the electric starter, which is not released yet. that's why you see there is a room for it. later we will update some accessories like independent lubrication, electrict starter and the metal base etc.

5. in the next week, i will send you Two new boards with M2 threaded holes and two 4mm long screws.
The opening at the other end of the cam timing housing must be closed for the respirator to be effective. Regarding this point, because we have a place to upgrade the independent lubrication in the later stage of the design, please turn it off temporarily before the upgrade.

6. if you need the other accessories, pls tell me.

other problems, pls contact service@stirlingkit.com

welcome to discuss it in our community.

 2nd review from Jon 

Here is what Jon says about his V2 engine.

I received something really  special in the mail today, that I had been waiting on arriving for the past couple months.
This is a FG-VT9
miniature-scale V-twin Harley Davidson Panhead engine,  made by a company called Stirlingkit in China, that engineers and develops some of the most amazing miniature-scale running engines.  
Four stroke, 9cc (4.5cc x 2) 16.67mm bore, and a 21mm stroke OHV single-cam that’s fueled by a gasoline & oil mixture, for lubrication.   Ignition is a CDI & Hall sensor type powered by a lipo battery.  Adjustable rocker arms & a single two-needle carb.
I ordered this engine during the Stirlingkit pre-sale, while the engine was still in final development stage.
Details, CNC quality & anodized finish are freaking amazing.  
Stirlingkit designs and produces all of their parts and components in house.
Thank you Ms. Mona Cai & Stirlingkit.  *Incredible customer service and communication*
I can’t wait to finish making a mounting base and hear it run 😁❤️ I love the sound w’ no exhaust pipes; I amgonna make a set of short chrome pipes soon


Learn more about CISON FG-VT9 9cc V-twin V2 Engine.

Q&A Questions for CISON FG-VT9 9cc V-twin V2 Engine


  • Neno : March 29, 2024

    Do they make custom exhaust tubes for the PAN?Headd I’d like to set I like tuned exhaust

  • Neno : March 29, 2024

    Do they make custom exhaust tubes for the PAN?Headd I’d like to set I like tuned exhaust

  • Yogesh: November 10, 2022

    I want this iteams

  • Paul: December 15, 2021

    Any idea when the starter and base etc. will be available?

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