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What's The Whippet Engine Project? | Stirlingkit

What's The Whippet Engine Project? | Stirlingkit

The whippet engin was designed by an engineer called Edgar T Westbury (ETW) in 1960s. Westbury thought that the Whippet would "set new standards for stamina, sprightliness and startability". It's designed for the scale model boats. The 10cc Whippet is a single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine with side valve.

The Whippet is regarded as one of the most classic IC engine with great charm that unhindered by any pretension towards style. Westbury loves to make the engine more practical. He tended to make it a compact four-stroke, with simple construction, and not unduely heavy. It should be water cooled and have a simple lubrication system which would enable it to run for fairly substantial periods without attention.

The advantage of this engine is that the crankcase and cylinder jacket are integrated into a single casting. So it can be easily have a practical mounting base to attach to a boat's floor or to a plinth for a stationary installation. It has a beautiful compact apprearance too.

The side-valve arrangement restricts the compression ratio and is not generally conducive to high performance. It's still a practical engine because it does reduce both the component count, complexity, and overall height while facilitating effective water cooling of the head. It also provides flexible and quiet operation.

good news. we have a new engine which will be released on October.it can run half an hours with enough fuel.it's an independent lubrication, water cooling gasoline engine.

where to the Whippet engine model. click
Whippet engine pump
Whippet engine generator

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The Whippet - Edgar T Westbury

Westbury Whippet Project


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CHAN Hong Ling Jacky - October 2, 2021

A great water cooled side valve scale model engine, highly expected when it come to the web, I’m waiting for that day!!!

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